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A Half-hearted Thank You

And a second half too :)
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Thanks to Jutta and to the rest of you wonderfully funny, clever folks whose ideas and annotations have kept me smiling, laughing, and returning repeatedly for more ever since that fateful day in 2002 when I searched Google for the phrase "get rid of car alarms" and inadvertently, and life-changingly, ended up in this custardy, nutty, slightly oaky with a mature bouquet world we call Halfbakery.

Happy Thanksgiving!


phundug, Nov 26 2008


       kpth ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Definitely not leaving. But in my mom's thanksgiving party we usually go around the room and say something we're thankful for. I was thinking of mentioning this site but they wouldn't understand what I was talking about, so I thought I'd tell you guys in person.
phundug, Nov 26 2008

       Cool. And thank you for your contributions to my daily entertainment!
DrBob, Nov 26 2008

       half a heart seems wrong - for this occasion it should be a full-hearted thank you to our leader - she's pretty amazing!   

       looking forward to my next pint in her company.
po, Nov 26 2008

       Awww. (*Sniffle*) Thanks, same to you!
jutta, Nov 26 2008

       Might I congratulate you on your inspired spelling of the word "kpth". Onomatopoeia at its cutting edge.   

       Tangentially, are there any onomatopoeic instruments?
theleopard, Nov 27 2008

       ... of torture?
po, Nov 27 2008

       Yes. Firstly, there is a type of guitar known as a "Thwpraaaaaaaaaaaaaangggggg!" and, secondly, the 'squelch', which is a type of eyeball crushing device.
Jinbish, Nov 27 2008

       The wakka pedal is the closest I can come up with. And no, you can't just say the word in a funny voice, like saying "triangle" really high- pitched.   

       Got one!   

theleopard, Nov 27 2008

       How about a kazoo?
DrBob, Nov 27 2008

       Moog (silly voice)
zen_tom, Nov 27 2008

       Drum, drum, drum, drum, drum.
theleopard, Nov 27 2008

       A sampler, playing a sample of someone saying "Sampler".
zen_tom, Nov 27 2008

       {offers cleanish handkerchief to [jutta]}
pertinax, Nov 27 2008

       A large stein, somehow formed into the shape of a bee's tympanic hearing organs and covered in ursine hair.
Jinbish, Nov 27 2008

phundug, Nov 28 2008

       // Tomtom? //   

       Yes, the latest version doubles as an MP3 player ...
8th of 7, Nov 28 2008

       ditto!! (sorry I missed it, had too much company and too much food and not enough hb over the long weekend!!) +
xandram, Dec 01 2008

       I am in half-hearted agreement with [phundug].   

       Thanks also to whoever re-created the OK button at the bottom of the anno boxes.
shapu, Dec 03 2008


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