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British Petroleum

Grind dinosaurs and pour them in fuel tanks
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I hear petrol is a bit hard to come by there? Hurricanes messing with the market?


RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2021

Story at 11... https://www.cnbc.co...fficult-winter.html
[RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2021]


       What hurricanes would that be? asking from the UK, not seen any recently.
Skewed, Sep 24 2021

       Ida, etc. Things that hit major refining centers.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2021

       Supply and demand [Rayfo]. Supply and demand.   

       My aunt and uncle in the UK have just installed an EV charging point in their new home. They're not the only ones.   

       High winds are mostly good in the UK (especially offshore), because they pump power into the grid. Energy storage still needs a lot of work, but we're moving on from grinding those dinosaurs.   

       Come on America, try to keep up! ;-)   

       In fact, BP itself has started trying to reinvent itself as "Beyond Petroleum".
pertinax, Sep 25 2021

       That's called "marketing." It has no discernable correlation with reality.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2021

       It's basically a combination of Brexit and covid after-effects, we're short of HGV drivers.   

       So yes, dinosaurs.
Loris, Sep 25 2021


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