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A democratic bicycle for two

...being a dual sidesaddle bicycle
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Having designed a sidesaddle bicycle, I belatedly discovered the obvious. If you’re seated facing left, like a proper lady, it’s very hard to turn right. And it is very very easy to fall over backwards.

The solution to both problems is to add a second person, sitting right sidesaddle, back to back with the first person. Now each person – each peddler – views half the road ahead, and controls one half of the handlebar. Democracy in action.

The technical part: the rotary motion of the peddlers is turned ninety degrees by a simple right angle gearbox. Weight balancing of the two peddlers is achieved by adjusting the dual seat laterally.

I’m riding it now with my SO. Back to back, I can feel his lats contract and release, his glutes pumping rhythmically, our breathing now synchronized...ahhhhh...ahhhhh...ahhhhh...

pluterday, May 28 2003

1897 Punnett Companion http://www.bicyclem...com/Html/bike5.html
bikes for two have been around for a while! [Vernon, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Sidesaddle bicycles seem half-baked enough in the first place. Why, oh, why?
DrCurry, May 28 2003

       Whew, I'm getting sweaty. Where's the bike with the seats facing each other?
phoenix, May 28 2003

       Why not simply turn the saddle so it faces..err..right and you face forwards? Not as much fun, I know, but allows you to regain your independance.   

       (+) for the visual.
egbert, May 28 2003

       I would hate to be stuck with a fella twice (or half, for that matter) my size on one of these!   

       Definitely an interesting concept... gives a view of the World we would usually ignore while pedalling on the normal bicycle.   

       And it would be a good trust-building exercise for couples therapy. [+]
joker_of_the_deck, May 28 2003

       me thinks that with all that extra power <pluterday> could transfer some power to a fan. that would not only cool off its victims but also aid in propelling the craft. (sorry for the pun)
I2RI, May 28 2003


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