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A poor life this

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What is this life if, lacking wit
We halfbake slipshod, feeble shit
Bad spelling and worse punctuation
Tangled, garbled explanation
Rambling sci-fi plagiarisms
Magic, GM-organisms
Uninspired and overwrought
We foist each scant, substandard thought
On unexpecting 'bakers, then
The best inventions we can muster
Are, in a nutshell, lacking lustre
A poor life this if, dull indeed
We constantly get M.F.D'd
squeak, Jun 01 2006

William Henry Davies: "Leisure" http://www.blupete..../Poetry/Leisure.htm
The original. [jutta, Jun 02 2006]



       Bravo, bravo!
dbmag9, Jun 01 2006

       To paraphrase [Jutta], " where have all the sane people gone, and which way is the exit? "
normzone, Jun 01 2006

       [norm]All the sane people obviously found the exit!
squeak, Jun 02 2006

       *snaps fingers*
Letsbuildafort, Jun 02 2006

       Top stuff, squeak.
lostdog, Jun 02 2006

       Lovely work.
hidden truths, Jun 03 2006


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