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Glad To Be Back!

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I'm glad to be back, oh so glad!
And I daresay I might have been missed; (just a tad?)
But now I'm deploying,
My full-fledged, annoying,
Ideas back on the 1/2B like mad!

Though I don't expect kind annotations,
Or from me any great revelations,
I'd just like to say,
You've all made my day,
Now I'll stop this poor presentation.

Heya everybody. To make a long story short, suffice it to say that my computer went on the fritz, and I finally got a new one this week. Although I did check up on the 1/2B at times, a combination of a lack of motivation and time saw that I didn't post anything.

At any rate, I'm happy to see you all. I'd better stop writing before I make one of those disgusting little AIM-style smiley faces, the urge is upon me.
Pseudonym #3, Jul 12 2002


       : )
thumbwax, Jul 12 2002

       ;) me too.
po, Jul 12 2002

       Hi, [P].
angel, Jul 12 2002

       Now *that* was funny.
angel, Jul 12 2002

       s/he who laughs last, laughs loudest.
thumbwax, Jul 12 2002

       you didn't miss much....just a small attack of trolls....
runforrestrun, Jul 12 2002

       it's really wonderful !
viking2004, Feb 15 2004

       [marked for deletion] just some sappy bullshit
gusbot6000, Feb 15 2004

       [gusbot6000], this is the halfbakery category. The mfd rules are relaxed. If you read the help file a few times, start to finish, by the third or fourth time through it really starts to sink in. I speak from experience.
oxen crossing, Feb 15 2004

       This idea was somehow deeply inspirational.
Laughs Last, Feb 15 2004


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