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A rainy day

The window for your weatherish feeling
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Most people like a nice sunlit day. I prefer rain. Either way when I look out of the window I get what I get. This window would show the weather I want to see.

There is more to this than an image, and even the image is a little difficult. The idea is a super high resolution display showing a recording of the selected weather from when it happened. (Originally I thought of using an AR filter with current camera output but it's impossible to filter out rain and fog, as they obscure the image too much.) In front of the image would be panes of glass at a 45 degree angle selected to be transparent to the visible wavelengths but not infrared. On a "sunny" day an IR heater would shine down between the display and the user, outputting heat corresponding to the bright day. On a "colder" day the heater would be covered with an appropriately cold or by some other mechanism IR-absorbent medium. So standing in front of this window a person wouldn't just see the appropriate weather but feel it as well.

The 3-D nature of the required image is a separate problem and lies outside the scope of this idea. Sound output by bouncing focused sound at various parts of the viewscreen is nearly trivial for resolutions as low as "rain bouncing off the window" Also it would be possible to tilt the IR reflectors to provide a more directed beam of infrared light corresponding with the sun's place in the sky.

Voice, Jun 14 2022

Vertical Bog http://www.lynnebuc...-blue-ridge-parkway
[a1, Jun 15 2022]

Artificial sunlight windows https://www.proskyp...al-sunlight-window/
Windows that imitate natural sunlight [chronological, Jun 16 2022]

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       I've seen the fake window idea in fiction. I like the idea. I could not afford one. It all sounds terribly expensive to manufacture, luxury market only. Also, avoid moving parts. You could have fun baking this one for a long time.
AwarmRay, Jun 15 2022

       //I prefer rain.//   

       May I recommend anywhere in the North-West half of the British isles? It barely stops. The west coast of Scotland should logically be underwater by now, but some miracle prevents it.   

       I didn't think I'd miss it, but it's a lot better than far-too-hot alternating with far-too-cold.
bs0u0155, Jun 15 2022

       //some miracle prevents it// It's called the bog, you know a bog is serious when its on a 45° slope halfway up a mountain and the ground is sodden and you sink up to your calves in water.   

       There is an idea here somewhere for a vertical bog...
pocmloc, Jun 15 2022

       //It's called the bog, you know a bog is serious//   

       Oh I know all about that, I was walking with the better half in a light drizzle (surprise) on Kinder plateau, she'd picked up the general vibe that England was 46x safer than any US location, and decided to try and wander off path. I pulled her back fairly quickly. It's genuinely dangerous if it's 4ft deep, behind a ft of heather, and visibility is about 9ft.
bs0u0155, Jun 16 2022

       //visibility is about 9ft//
So you went out on a good day, then?
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 16 2022

       //Kinder plateau// Beautiful ... when you can see it. I hope your boots were well dubbined.
pertinax, Jun 16 2022

       You might find artificial sunlight windows interesting.   

       The one I read of uses a blue background and a superbright LED that creates the right shadows on things and is similar to natural sunlight.
chronological, Jun 16 2022

       //So you went out on a good day, then?//   

       The best, we saw the sun at one point.   

       //Beautiful ... when you can see it. I hope your boots were well dubbined.//   

       In places like that, waterproof boots just hold the water in after you stood in one too-deep spot.
bs0u0155, Jun 16 2022

       Ah - I see you were thinking of protecting your feet; I was thinking of protecting the boots.
pertinax, Jun 16 2022

       And thunder? Lightning? Cats pawing furiously at the window demanding to be let in?
whatrock, Jun 22 2022

       A pretty girl with large... buckets in a bikini washing the window?
Voice, Jun 22 2022

       Customer options for when you get the basic design up and running.
whatrock, Jun 22 2022

       Sure. You buy the hardware and I'll build it. We need to start with a 3-D display so expensive or nonexistent only two sites seem to be actually selling them, neither of which will tell you the price up front.
Voice, Jun 23 2022


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