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Bouncy castles!

Rubber walled buildings for earthquake zones.
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Not only indestructable, but also an excellent way of keeping peoples spirits up when an earthquake hits!

Additional benefits are:

Try throwing yourself at the walls, to see how far you can bounce after a few drinks!

Especially useful for people whose children have ADHD!

scubadooper, May 16 2003


       Especially dangerous for people who own refrigerators. +
Worldgineer, May 16 2003

       [worldgineer] ????? Am I being slow?
scubadooper, May 16 2003

       [scub] Oh - just re-read your idea. I was thinking actual bouncy castles, with inflatable bouncy floors. I was imagining bouncing happily in my house, when I realized what would happen when I bounced near an entertainment center, or a bed, or a refrigerator. Ouch.   

       Now that I see it's only walls and a little more practical, therefore I like it less.
Worldgineer, May 16 2003

       I should have been clearer, the idea was for all structural components to be made from solid rubber, inflatable floors could be a problem for stiletoes etc. and I wouldn't want that not only would it be sexist, but I'm quite a fan of a well turned pair of legs displayed in a fine pair of stiletoes.   

       You could still bounce along the floors, and the solution to the fridge is, rubber fridges!
scubadooper, May 16 2003

       [TomBomb] you are a genius, if only that church were anywhere near I would pay hommage! Where the hell (no pun intended) did you come across that?
scubadooper, May 16 2003

       I've seen that before I seem to remember making a lame joke about the steeple.
po, May 16 2003

       I think it was on an 'inflatable church' idea here. Probably searchable.
RayfordSteele, May 16 2003


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