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Buildings wrapped with walkways

Wrap a pedestrian footpath on the outside of tall buildings
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Have 3d cities where you can walk between buildings and between floors on the outside of the buildings

Can go North, East, South, West or up and down between buildings.

Could have hospital precinct across an entire city on floors 20- 25

Can go upstairs to go to work, can go downstairs to go shopping

chronological, Dec 04 2019

A building wrapped with walkways, although for some reason they haven't actually started work on the building yet https://en.wikipedi...a_March_2019_53.jpg
[hippo, Dec 04 2019]

Minneapolis Skyway System https://en.wikipedi...polis_Skyway_System
Minneapolis has buildings bridged above the ground floor [chronological, Dec 09 2019]

Streets in the sky https://en.wikipedi...#Streets_in_the_sky
Thank you 8th of 7 [chronological, Dec 09 2019]

indianapolis skywalk http://www.google.c...ndianapolis skywalk
indianapolis skywalk [chronological, Dec 09 2019]

Hong Kong's Central Elevated Walkway https://en.wikipedi...al_Elevated_Walkway
[calum, Dec 09 2019]

Wikipedia: +15 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%2B15
The one in Calgary [notexactly, Dec 10 2019]


       Sounds like Asimov's "The Caves of Steel" and any number of other Utopic and Dystopic fictional stories .
8th of 7, Dec 04 2019

       Pretty sure people in high rise apartments don't want pedestrians walking past their windows constantly. That's kind of the point of living in a high rise apartment.
sninctown, Dec 04 2019

       You're thinking of the notorious "deck access" flats of the 1960's, which tried to create "streets in the sky". Ended very badly (or on the other hand extremely well, if you enjoy demolishing large buildings with high explosives).   

       Bridges between buildings are a good idea, particularly the ones with see-through floors.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2019

       [+] but most designed/engineered walkways get boring because they have to resist nature so include an impervious harshness. Cosy culture inducing they are not.
wjt, Dec 06 2019

       //"streets in the sky". Ended very badly//   

       A brief read-around the subject reveals lots of wordy self- indulgant writing by "design enthusiasts" who likely wear black polo necks and are dull at parties. They're equally confident and imprecise about why such projects failed, and they always include moody photography that excludes litter, grafitti, thugs and the smell.   

       <link> that thing was $200 million?!!? $200 million, and they haven't even sorted the disabled access out yet! I suppose you could argue that disabled access is built in since the origin and destination are in the same plane. I reckon I could cure a medium-sized disease for that kind of money.
bs0u0155, Dec 06 2019

       // imprecise about why such projects failed //   

       "The wrong sort of people" is the actual reason, which they blithely ignore.   

       Our Cube is built on exactly this structure, and we never have problems of the sort that bedevil your human architecture. Of course, we are a Totalitarian Hegemonising Swarm, and more importantly - unlike the Buchanan family - have long since mastered the use of sanitary facilities in dwellings.   

       // I could cure a medium-sized disease for that kind of money. //   

       Ironically, you could probably make a great deal more than that by inventing one.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2019

       Conceptually the vessel is beautiful on the panoramic drone scale but hideous for the personal everyday scale. That vessel doesn't look fun to walk in unless your a high performance athlete or avid gym goer on a passing workout. A slightly bouncy, trampoline like walking surface might bring the life back. Plants/fowers would definitely help.   

       That 200 million, is it because more highly paid people have worked on it (compared to yesteryear) or is really just a problem with money/economics itself?
wjt, Dec 06 2019

       // Plants/fowers would definitely help. //   

       I agree. The questionable niceness of it would certainly be enhanced by plants and/or cleaning staff, if it doesn't have those already.
notexactly, Dec 09 2019

       If there are footpaths every 5 floors you don't have to worry about privacy concerns.   

       I imagine the outside streets to have shops, restaurants just like normal streets.
chronological, Dec 09 2019

       Part shopping mall, part office block, part apartment building, all on a city scale.   

       How do you achieve the high speed point-to-point mass transit ? What about service access for distribution of goods ?   

       Cooling may be more of a problem than heating.   

       The idea overall is hardly an innovation ...
8th of 7, Dec 09 2019

       // How do you achieve the high speed point-to-point mass transit //
Gravity. The top of the building is residential, then you drop a few floors to get to the coffee shop, then a few more to get to work, then down more to the shops / bars / entertainment before taking a yes why not a paternoster on the outside of the building back to the top floor.

       Rather than have a direct drop to a (maybe sproingy) floor below, the building could be pyramidal, with chutes between floors / areas / day stages.
calum, Dec 09 2019

       //Part shopping mall, part office block, part apartment building, all on a city scale. //   

       Having it all as one, usually in concrete, means you either keep it all or dispose of it all. Ruins the opportunities afforded by flexibility. Most cities are building/demolishing parts all the time, it's easy to do on a piecemeal basis letting you shift the city structure slowly according to demand. This also affords a kind of building selection/evolution. Thatched pubs are the alligators of buildings, perfectly adapted to their environment now as ever. We recently went through the Brutalist explosion/collapse.
bs0u0155, Dec 10 2019


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