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A real time piece

all seconds are not created equal
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time can fly, or it can drag. Whilst the clock ticks of one equal and average second after another.

A digital clock / watch has 3 parts. 1 a display 2 a quartz oscillator 3 a mechanism for counting the pulses from the oscillator, and advancing he display.

I suggest replacing the quartz oscillator with a white noise generator.

A white noise generator [ based around a transistor that has been wired up 'backwards' ] can be set up to generate the same number of pulses in a week as the clocks quartz oscillator dose. But with a random pulses rate. sometimes a lot and time will fly, sometimes a few and time will drag.

Ideal both for a hole who lives by the clock. And for of us who are happy to be on time, give or take five minutes.

j paul, May 30 2011

Uses gears instead of random numbers Clockwatchers_27_20Clock
[FlyingToaster, May 30 2011]


       Hook it up to a mood ring and you'd have an interesting experiment in General Relativity.
Alterother, May 30 2011

       If you time the RNG to the same frequency as a quartz oscillator (which of course means you need a quartz oscillator to time it), then you'll probably be accurate to a millionth of a second. If you use a (mythical until now) self-oscillating RNG, you'll still be too accurate....   

       Maybe pulse the minutes instead of seconds or fractions thereof ?   

       I think you'll like my <link> for metered revenge on clockwatchers.
FlyingToaster, May 30 2011


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