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Decimal Time

Time compatible with decimal multiplication tables.
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We had to learn decimal multiplication tables at schools, but they are not very useful with base-60 hours/minutes/seconds, base-7 weeks, base-24 days, base-12 months, and base- Jesus years. Let's face it -- our calendar is a mess. Here was an idea from my childhood, trying to make my life easier:

1 year = 10 months
1 week = 10 days
1 day = 10 hours
1 hour = 100 minutes
1 minute = 100 seconds

=> 1 second = 0.864 standard SI seconds.
=> 1 month = 3~4 weeks. +> Time starts at Unix zero

>>> from detime import Date
>>> Date(1970, 1, 1)
0000-01-01 00:00:0.00000

Mindey, Jan 04 2018

GitHub https://github.com/...detime#decimal-time
demo implementation ;) [Mindey, Jan 04 2018]

Demo (1.8M mp4) https://github.com/.../about.mp4?raw=true
[Mindey, Jan 04 2018]

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Decimal_time
baked T_T [Mindey, Jan 04 2018]

Simpsons did it https://frinkiac.co...E9OIEFQUklMIDQ3Lg==
[Cuit_au_Four, Jan 04 2018]


       >> kudos to Simpsons :)   

       It's both -- time and date.
Mindey, Jan 04 2018

       Ok so it exists but to make it the standard that is the goal. You have a good Kiloday.
dev45, Jan 08 2018

       The only sensible way forward is to attach massive rockets at a tangent to the Earth's surface to speed up the Earth's rotation so that there are 1000 days in a year (or, I suppose, slow it down so that there are 100 days in a year)
hippo, Jan 08 2018


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