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A retardant bomb for forest fires

explosion device that "snuffs out" forest fires
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I live in an area that has constantly dealt with forest fires, especially in the summer when its dry and hot. Millions of tax payer dollars are spent on fire crews, helicopter water carrying, and many other logistics. Having had nuclear bomb technology for almost a century, I'm sure this will be easy to create. Air pressure could be used as the propellant, or some mild explosion, throwing retardant over a square mile or more.
strongwarrior, Nov 08 2010

Firefighting bombs Firefighting_20bombs
Similar concept using Mother Natures favorite fire retardant: dirt. [bungston, Nov 08 2010]

Different but similar Borate_20Bouncing_20Bettys
[normzone, Nov 08 2010]


       Retardant bomb, is that the opposite of a smart bomb?
doctorremulac3, Nov 08 2010

       Air-drop large blocks of dry ice on the up-wind edge of the fire. (Warn down-wind residents first...)
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 08 2010

       [strongwarrior], welcome to the halfbakery.   

       You might want to both google and search the bakery before posting - sometimes you'll find that others have been there before you.   

       In a similar, but different vein, (link).
normzone, Nov 08 2010

       I'm not certain about retardant's ability to put out a fire - it may only be capable of retarding the spread.
normzone, Nov 09 2010


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