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Dillocam III

Looking for volunteers...
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This Dillocam would be constructed of œ inch thick clear Lexan® and would have an additional lip around the base.

At the approach of a tornado, a petite volunteer (summer intern?) would crouch under the Dillocam with a camcorder. Long spikes would be driven through the lip, and into the ground at an angle, to secure the Dillocam.

After the tornado has passed, everyone goes to the bar to have a few drinks to relax and enjoy the video.

Klaatu, Mar 22 2005

Dillocams and Turtles http://www.tornadop...ellar/curiosity.htm
[Klaatu, Mar 22 2005]

Tornado risk by density http://www.hprcc.un...atoday-aug12x3.html
[Klaatu, Mar 22 2005]

Protest Tortoise Shell [Worldgineer, Mar 22 2005]



       Not through *their* lips, but the lip on the Dillocam.
Klaatu, Mar 22 2005

       Why does it need a female volunteer? Why not just stick a camera on a tripod in the dillocam?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 22 2005

       I briefly thought the title said "Dildocam", which would be an unfortunate idea.
waugsqueke, Mar 22 2005

       //Why does it need a female volunteer?//   

       Did I say that?   

       I originally thought "small child", but felt they couldn't be trusted to continue filming while the tornado approached. The problem with the tripod is that the camera is fixed. I was hoping to film the "cone of silence" as it passed directly overhead.   

       ...and, the "Dildocam" is baked.
Klaatu, Mar 22 2005

       //Did I say that// You did when you wrote "petite", which is the feminine form of the adjective, like "blonde"/"blond".
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 22 2005

       Word'o'the day: spproached.   

       I don't think the problem is with moving the camera around. You could use a remote control robot for that, or simply have an array of cameras pointing in all directions like a bug's eye. The problem is that the bubble/lens could be covered by debris/mud, etc.
sophocles, Mar 22 2005

       I can't help noticing that, amongst the items on the recent list, we have a "Dillocam", "Dido feedback", "Charming the Snake", an "Alternative Wankel Pocket" and, thanks to the wrap-around on my screen, "Abandon".   

       Is this just a conspiracy to wind up those of us who need reading glasses?
Basepair, Mar 22 2005

       Why is this #3?
brodie, Mar 22 2005

       Why is what "#3?"   

       Maybe bury an array of upward peering cameras in a tornado alley area and have the lens covered with a spinning optical glass disc to spin away debris. They activate upon detecting a very low barometric pressure.
bristolz, Mar 22 2005

       [bristolz]: right-on.   

       [brodie]: I'm assuming "why # III" (in the title), and further assume that the author listed it as "III" since the link he added has I & II protoypes already documented.
sophocles, Mar 22 2005

       [sophocles]spot on! I am trying to upgrade what already exists.   

       [bz] great idea...but, since Oklahoma averages about 7 tornadoes per 10,000 square miles <link>, the coverage would have to be massive to hope to ever catch one.   

       [AWL] "petite adj : very small; 'diminutive in stature' ". I used the word in *that* context. Maybe a better word would have been "diminutive".
Klaatu, Mar 22 2005

       Or "scrawny" so as to eliminate any ambiguity.   

       Well, so, it might take a while or a lot of cameras.   

       I totally missed the "III" reference. Arabic fixation, I guess.
bristolz, Mar 22 2005

       Aaaah! You've gone and posted an idea I've been meaning to post for years now. Different application than mine though, so I'll post it anyway (link).
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2005

       //since the link he added has I & II protoypes already documented//
Sorry I checked out the link, but didn't notice the part abou the dillo II.
brodie, Mar 23 2005

       I thought the idea was for a yoof targeted dilliocam, Dillocam Ill, the next generation being the none-more-street Dillocam Sick.
calum, Mar 23 2005

       i like dildo cam better than dillocam.
banana peal, Jun 30 2010


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