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A ring of Harriers

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The idea (such as it) is a large ring with Harriers attached to it, such so most of the pilots can get a snooze, only to spring in action when the adversery is in sight.

There is another ring on a vertical plane, and the Harriers can de-couple to vertical ring and then to back to horizonal again.

BTW my magnetic cheese works

not_morrison_rm, Mar 03 2021


       What is the difference between springing in action, and springing into action?
pocmloc, Mar 03 2021

       Make a version for cars [+]
Voice, Mar 03 2021

       Bonus croissant for the advanced suchist constructions " (such as it) is" and "such so".
zen_tom, Mar 03 2021


       Birds, dogs or aircraft?
UnaBubba, Mar 04 2021

       Amateur athletes, I was thinking.
pertinax, Mar 04 2021

       These have been secretly baked, and are the real explanation for crop circles.
pashute, Mar 08 2021

       Could it be used for any raptor or only Harriers? how about pigeons?
Skewed, Mar 08 2021

       "Look at that Harry Ring in the Sky!"
AusCan531, Mar 09 2021


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