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Turn your frisbee into a UFO
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You know how frisbees seem to be able to levitate in the sky because of the rotation? I wonder what is keeping humans from flying that way too without engines. Besides the obvious fact where your internal systems will seriously get out of whack during acceleration, what else is there keeping us from flying? So anyway I thought about this

Have a main engine, the main engine will be a frisbee thing and basically and oversized souped up flat disc. In the middle there will be another small disc, this one will spin in the opposite direction of the larger disc, but in high speeds, it can slowly decelerate until in the end it wil spin at the same speed (I'm thinking of the inertia and acceleration)...

Of course this means we can all fly around without cars or whatever fossil fuel that is the rage...

tierrie, Feb 20 2001

That's not all you can do with a frisbee... http://www.realulti...ower.net/index4.htm
Frisbees are very versitile for all sorts of things. [sartep, Nov 17 2005]


       hbw (3)
bristolz, Apr 24 2002

       I believe your inital assumtion is flawed. frisbees don't levitate because of it's spin. the spin gives it balance, like a gyro, and may have some aerodynamic qualities that might provide lift, but I think the reason it goes into the air is because it was thrown there.
the great unknown, Jan 13 2003

       right. A frisbee flies at a slight angle, directing air downward and causing a supporting reaction force by Newton's third law
sninctown, Nov 14 2005


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