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Abolish Voting

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Firstly, apologies to jutta who has crafted an eminently useable and sleek voting system.

The problem is that the mere casting of an anonymous yea or nay is a lazy alternative to making a proper annotation. If voting be retained, it should be compulsory to make an annotation when casting a vote. I don't really care if people approve or disapprove of what I write, but I do love to read the comments.

I would also like some way of discovering when one of my ideas has had a new annotation added. Perhaps, on the user page, the list of ideas could be ordered by date of last annotation.

Mickey the Fish, Aug 18 2000


       I *like* having a lazy alternative to making a proper annotation. Sometimes I just agree with someone else's criticism, or the idea is so all-around bad or funny that all I want to express is mute contempt or adoration.   

       Re: new annotations for one of your ideas - I was hoping that people are interested in all reactions, not just those to one's own ideas (or one's own annotations to other ideas.) But generally, point taken, and this will probably get easier once the transaction log is implemented. (In the pipeline after "searching".)
jutta, Aug 18 2000

       I would hope so too; but I'm only human, and there are only so many hours in the day.
Mickey the Fish, Aug 18 2000

       I agree with Jutta- sometimes somebody has said what you were going to say, only better. Like, for instance, Jutta just did in response to this idea. Do you really want lame "Me too!" annotations like this one cluttering up the clean functionality of the Halfbakery?
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 18 2000

       I also would prefer that everyone annotate my ideas, but I think a +/- is better than nothing. Lazy people are still going to be lazy, giving them the vote allows you to get their opinion too. And I also find many times that I have nothing to add other than a thumbs up (or down).
blahginger, Aug 18 2000

       Perhaps we could have a table of the top 10 laziest HalfBakery contributors with rankings based on their ratio of votes to annotations?

Only joking.
hippo, Aug 21 2000

       I only tend to vote if I think an idea is either very good or very bad - I annotate if I can think of something, or feel I can make a contribution. I like the irrelevancy of voting, there is something funny in an idea with no annotations, but a lot of dead fish.
Scott_D, Aug 21 2000

       What he said.
Alcin, Sep 13 2000

       I'd like to suggest we abolish voting for everyone except the bakesperson, who gets to "vote" against ideas by deleting them. Personally, I suspect I'd like the bakesperson's "top 10" much more than the current "top 10". (I'm not sure what indefinable quality attracted me in the first place, but I am sure that "Tails For All" doesn't have it -- no offense to Mickey, who is responsible for many fine ideas.)   

       The site would then become more "a list of Jutta's favorite ideas" and less of a "community water cooler", but I think I might prefer that.   

       (Lest anyone think this is self-serving, I'd be perfectly happy to delete all my ideas in exchange.)   

       A more general (and presumably less controversial) solution would be a collaborative filtering setup, but I'm not sure that's in the "KISS" spirit of the halfbakery (which is also very attractive).
egnor, Oct 20 2000


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