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Abolish negative votes

Vote yes, don't vote no
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This is my brilliant scheme for improving the halfbakery immeasurably, and as such I expect jutta to have it implemented by teatime.

And it is simple. Instead of 2 buttons for "vote for" and "vote against", we have one button, labelled "vote for". If you like an idea you click this button, if you don't like an idea, you go elsewhere.

No longer will trolls be able to pride themselves on the amount of negative votes they get. No longer will voting be a destructive and self-esteem-destroying exercise. The good ideas will be rewarded, and the bad ideas will be silently passed over, for the benefit of all. And no more nasty fishbones would ever be seen.

So, by teatime, ok? Because those fish really put me off my dinner.

pottedstu, Jul 31 2002


       The negitive votes are needed to inform someone that there idea sucks. (like most of mine)
gootyam, Jul 31 2002

       Ah, communism. Sorry stu...
PeterSilly, Jul 31 2002

       /x\ , , ; ; , , ,:
7_/' ; ; ' ' ' ' ' ' :

thumbwax, Jul 31 2002

       May we take the prevalence of negative votes for this idea as a measure of your trollishness? (I wasn't aware the two things were related.)
DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

       But if we do this, they'll just get all their 'friends' to vote for their idea, thus defeating the purpose of no-negative votes.   

       But if its gotta go, let me just go neg one last time.
[ sctld ], Jul 31 2002

       Or you could abolish positive voting. Oh, I see we almost have on this idea.
TwoSheds, Jul 31 2002

       You are really asking for it, aren't ya?
NickTheGreat, Jul 31 2002

       Bah, you're all horrible people. But I would like to know who voted for this (I promise it wasn't me.)
pottedstu, Aug 01 2002

       Neat ASCII fishbones, thumbwax.
Jezzie, Jun 08 2003

       I was one (voted for it). But then I had a similar type of idea that the folks here didn't like too much. Oh well, live and learn. Back from a number of weeks fighting injustice here, there, and everywhere. Nice to be back. Some really fun stuff (Check out the colored clouds).
thecat, Jun 09 2003

       Rather than have one button labelled 'vote for', there should just be one button marked 'rats ass' then, if you feel the urge, you really can give a rat's ass.
DrBob, Jun 10 2003

       What if you DON'T g-i-v-e a rat's ass. Obviously that would require another button. Pro (C), Con (F), Rat's Ass, Don't Give A Rat's Ass.
thecat, Jun 10 2003

       they could subtract the negatives from the positives and give every idea one number instead of two.
-----, Feb 22 2004

       The only voting options available are "Great job!", "Super Idea", and "Wonderful!!!"   

       [similar to Starbucks's "tall", "grande", and "venti" where there's no way to get a small coffee.]
phundug, Mar 01 2004

       Look at my bone collection. I'm fine with them. At least someone cared to bone me. Here, I'll show you. (-)
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 19 2007

       Second the 'Rat's ass' button, also a counter for page views, so that you know how many don't give a bun, bone or even a Rat's ass about your grand idea.
the dog's breakfast, Oct 19 2007

       Can we have negative votes for politicians?
RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2007


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