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Absorption Index

Quantitive measure of how well things are going…
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Jim has been thinking about the current trends in energy production…

He reckons that energy production is a red herring and prefers energy absorption. Over the past few years the amount of energy absorbed by the planet has varied. Some times there is lots of growth in the sector and some times there is decline.

Currently it is difficult to pick if energy absorption (from the sun) is improving or not. And yet energy production is easy to pick.

Wing, wave, solar and renewables count as absorption as does food production. Fossil and atomic energy sources do not...

Whatever the currennt trend - energy absorption is more important than production.

It is said.

madness, Jun 17 2012

Energy balance sheet http://www.newscien...-green-forever.html
Not really right to be honest... [madness, Jun 19 2012]


       There was an article on exactly this subject in New Scientist recently, within the past year.
pocmloc, Jun 17 2012

       Do you have a link --- would like to read it...
madness, Jun 19 2012

       and this isn't a generic Global Warming index because...
FlyingToaster, Jun 19 2012

       Linked what I hope is the article indicated...   

       The article hints at the possibility to recapture the energy released from fossil fuels through wind and wave --- which is good.   

       The energy balance sheet appears to miss a component of energy stored/absorbed. Since this is a significant amount of energy entering the biomass of the planet the article is flawed is it not?
madness, Jun 19 2012

       I think what you're looking for is the inverse of albedo, which is a measurement of reflectivity..
Steamboat, Jun 22 2012


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