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Accelerator Light

Brake Lights that go on when the driver gets off the accelerator
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Because sometimes, especially at nights, drivers coast up to stoplights, etc, and it would be nice to get early warning.
senatorjam, Apr 20 2003

Motorcycle "Slowing Down" lights http://www.gizmag.c...a8fe1310a2-90050970
[senatorjam, May 14 2013]


       Pretty well baked on city buses around here. Flashing amber lights on the rear of the bus activate when the bus is decelerating without braking. I believe I once heard a driver use the term "telltale" in reference to these lights.
half, Apr 20 2003

       Separate or different lighting than that which signifies actual breaking, or the same lights?
Shz, Apr 20 2003

       [Shz]: If you're talking to me, different lights than those that indicate braking. Reasonable, since it means something different.
half, Apr 20 2003

       [half], I concur with your observation, just not sure if that’s what the senator is suggesting. The question is meant for [senatorjam].
Shz, Apr 21 2003

       I think separate lights might be best, but two stage brake lights would work too.
senatorjam, Apr 21 2003

       Brake lights...
Turn lights...
U-Turn lights...
no acceleration light....
Talking on the cellphone lights...
Eating a taco lights...
Shaving my legs lights...
Emotional crisis lights...
Late for work lights...
When will the in(s)anity end lights...
Fishbone lights...
ato_de, Apr 21 2003

       I love this idea. Though, I would have hated it 3 months ago when I drove around in the shitmobile. After all, it'd mean less chance of me getting rear-ended, and getting a new car from the wonderful settlement to follow.   

       Nowadays, with my non-shitmobile, I think this is pretty neat. Considering that my new car's engine has a high compression ratio, I find that I often downshift to decelerate more than actual braking.   

       While, I wouldn't mind a wonderful settlement, I have taken a liking to this car. Anything that would reduce the risk of some idiot smashing it up (aside from me being said idiot), is a good thing. I think I'll just go play in traffic instead, then retire early.   

       Freedom 25!
rapid transit, May 18 2003

       This should be easy to do, just wire a vacuum switch in parallel with the brake switch.   

       High engine vacuum means closed throttle.
KiwiJohn, Dec 03 2003

       OBD cars have a throttle position sensor which could be used for this purpose. Includes everything sold in the US for a good while now.
toiyabe, Dec 03 2003

       Get a couple of microswitches, a light relay, some wire and connectors, fabricate some mounting brackets. If you have amber turn signals you can use them, otherwise get a pair of amber lamps from a car parts store. The lights need to be powered through the ignition switch- there is probably a spare connector on the fuse block from the ignition. Wire two microswitches in series, one that closes when the accelerator is pressed, the other when the brake is not engaged. The lead from the switches goes to the relay to activate it. Take a hot lead from a fused source (another spare fuse block connector) through the relay and to the amber lamps. The lamps will light when both pedals are inactive (foot off both pedals).   

       Moving foot quickly from accelerator to brake causes the amber lamps to light up momentat\rily, giving following drivers an additional moment's warning.   

       Following drivers may also be warned when the driver is coasting with foot off both pedals, or when shifting gears in a manual transmission car.
whlanteigne, Dec 03 2004

       I have always thought that brake lights should come on anytime a car is decelerating at a certain rate, not just when braking. It would really make the most sense. The bus I drive sort of has this feature - the brake lights will come on anytime the retarder slows the bus (but not when coasting normally). It would be easy to implement.
DIYMatt, May 14 2013

       + If you don't know what a light means, it is not going to help.   

       Perhaps a tutorial running on the sides of buses or company cars.
popbottle, Dec 22 2016


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