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Accessibility Terrorism

An Accessibility movement inspired by extremist thinking
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This is an idea about how to tear down the inaccessible architecture of the Internet and tech world and build it up again, this time, accessibility first.

I'm not advocating violence here.

I can sort of understand how regular old terrorism happens:

Europe has all the money and there are these giant swaths of decreasing areas of money across the globe going towards the east. It's like someone set a money bomb off in England and the far away places only received a few sprays of shrapnel. And then history is just basically people who didn't get hit by the money bomb trying to get closer to England.

But now you can just get on a plane and fly to England or Belgium and leave your godforsaken country behind which is what people are and will be doing for the next few hundred years, while intermittently blowing thewmselves up when there's a hiccup in the process, until everyone is all mixed up.

But accessibility is different.

I can sort of see blowing shit up if you are not educated and don't have any money, but I can really see blowing shit up if you are blind and people keep putting shit in your way on purpose.

So this is an idea for an accessibility movement that uses extremist strategies, but not violence, to shame perpetrators and heighten awareness.

So where terrorists strive for collateral damage in terms of innocent lives, the accessibility terrorist movement would shame or hack anyone associated with an inaccessible webpage.

So say you have an inaccessible webpage about a celebrity marriage. Rather than trying to assign responsibility between the website, programming language, coder, device manufacturer, operating system, search engine, news organization etc, the accessibility terrorists would just shame or hack the celebrities themselves, only because they were associated with an inaccessible website.

The end result will be the distribution of money and attention.

And it takes at least 2 kilowatts of power to get the movement going, and anyone who can use a bicycle to make it happen is welcome to. How's that for a Procrustean Shoehorn?

JesusHChrist, Nov 21 2015

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       Terrible echo in here...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 21 2015

sninctown, Nov 22 2015

       I like the idea because obviously terrorism naturally gets categorized whether erroneously or insightfully into sickness. I can laugh at this because the idea portrays 'disability terrorists' involved in a laughable campaign that is sort of charicterized by intellectual handicap. Whether their cause is just or not depending on their actions in a liberal sort of mind is the actual conditions of the society towards disabled people on one end and on the other no understandable justification for any actions. Obviously accessibility relates to people able to participate without barriers, and inaccessibility can be discriminatory. Terrorism is obviously an intentional and strategic action, and I think accessibility terrorists may not be capable of intentional or strategic action as they have been portrayed. But my previous point stands that terrorism in general gets categorized in the 'sick' category. If accessibility terrorists take that categorization as part of their ideology that would be funny too "they say we are sick, yet we are banned from aircraft and government offices!".
guncandy, Nov 22 2015

       Well terrorism is several things, a way to disrupt and demoralize the civilian population, spread an ideological message connected to the process of understanding what happened, to use fear to make the terrorist cause or people seem bigger and more powerful, and I think in the case of Islamic terrorism to increase the islamophobia of the enemy side in order to use that to push for greater tolerance and acceptance of islam. But its not just islamists, terrorism is a type of psychological and social physical strategy, but also the result of a suicidal relation between the individual and society that Durkhiem might not have done enough to explain. Afterall if there is a connection between the individual person and integration and solidarity with society, terrorism could in one sense be seen as a process of social death that occurs.
guncandy, Nov 22 2015

       I'm going to have to seriously start ignoring whole sections of the halfbakery anymore.
RayfordSteele, Nov 23 2015


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