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Accordion Style Soda Bottle

2 liter bottle collapses accordion style to save volume.
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To save space, and CO2 in the soda, the bottle would collapse, step-wise and accordion style to allow for cuts in total volume as more soda is drank.

Accordion style.



World Dominion.

daseva, May 20 2005

US Patent 4492313 http://patft.uspto....92313&RS=PN/4492313
[Shz, May 20 2005]

Squattle http://www.squattle.com/
Sorry [daseva] ... baked. [ConsulFlaminicus, May 21 2005]


       The bottle would need to somehow be locked into the various states of crushedness, otherwise the pressure would just expand it out again. The release of CO2 out of solution in so doing would flatten the beverage.
Texticle, May 20 2005

       How about acme threads and o-rings ?   

       Actually, a significant crush-step reduction would probably resist most of the CO2 pressure, but I like my more complex variation.
normzone, May 20 2005

       Can I please get some more bones for this crap I call a post?
daseva, May 21 2005

       this seems like an excellent idea and I have never seen it baked in real ife so +   

       you might need to kick and punch the plastic for it to conform but hey, such is life.
po, May 21 2005

       The cost of the extra packaging is not worth the soft drink it is preserving. And anyway why would a drinks maker want help customers extend the life of an opened soda, discouraging multiple gluttonous consumption.
geo8rge, Mar 15 2007

       Maybe add some sort of screw post down the center to lock the bottle at different levels of crushedness.(+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 15 2007


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