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Better condom packaging

Like those other things
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I have observed that the euphemistically named 'Sanitary Towels' (and other products from that aisle of the supermarket I never go down) have rather clever packaging which enables them to be rewrapped after use into a neat little package for disposal in the bathroom bin.
How about the same idea for condoms? - used condoms don't look v. attractive...
hippo, Jan 24 2001

Ziploc Condom Packaging http://www.halfbake..._20condom_20wrapper
Already posted here... [Urania, Jan 24 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I'm suprised this isn't baked yet, considering the technology's available and already being used: most "deli-sliced" cheese and lunch meats are packaged in thick plastic, zip-locked bags with a pre-perforated opening towards the top. One simply tears off the top of the package and a ziplock bag remains to keep the foodstuffs fresh. [obviously, condom packaging would have to be slightly bigger to accomodate the post-party bidness...but this should work]
iuvare, Jan 24 2001

       But putting the used condoms back in the same baggie the new ones are stored in would be horribly smelly. Also, there's the risk of getting them mixed up in a flurry.   

       Hippo is probably referring to the plastic wrappers around each pad that have just enough extra tape to be used to wrap the *previous* pad, so that each but the last goes into the bin in its own cocoon.
hello_c, Feb 02 2001

       Smell? How long did you plan on keeping the evidence, hello_c?   

       Regardless, Ziplock takes care of the smelly aspect...regarding the potential mix-up your on your own if you're so randy that you can't take the time to differentiate between the "used" and "un-used" pile.
iuvare, Feb 02 2001

       Er - if I have to throw them away before I'm done with the whole dozen, I might as well do so at the time, not pack them back into the cheese-packaging-like ziploc and carry them around so I can deal with them when they're even yuckier. Are you actually proposing two *separate* Ziplocs? I've never seen that on cheese and it's not clear in your first annotation.
hello_c, Feb 04 2001

       [hello_c] - I was indeed referring to the packaging you mention which allows you to wrap the "previous" pad and bin it - obviously in the case of condoms it would be the packaging from the current condom that one would use - which usually gets dropped down the side of the bed - the chief difference between condoms and pads in this respect being that with condoms you don't keep one on until it's time to change it and put another one on*.

[*] ...unless you have a _very_ active sex life.
hippo, Feb 04 2001

       Or you just lob them into the trashcan, and dispose of them more properly later. In the heat of the moment, 'what do I do with the party balloon?' is not often a pressing question...   

       <Tigerfully resists urge to post joke about reusing...>
StarChaser, Feb 04 2001

       Confucious say: when you open a can of worms, you need a larger can to put them in.   

       'You idiot'.   

       When they're in their packaging, they've been rolled to a compact size and put together by machines. In the field, nobody is going to A) be able to reroll them anywhere near as neatly, and B) going to want to try it once it's been expended.
StarChaser, Sep 24 2001

       look, most men can't fold a map back to its original shape, what makes you think they can tuck a condom back into its own packaging?   

       and women are too busy making mental notes and comparing them, how can they possibly take over the task of condom disposal?   

       just toss them to the side and use those left over grocery bags to pick 'em up like doggie doo.
kimt1961, Sep 25 2001

       [fogfreak] You obviously haven't used condoms enough to realize sticking condoms back into their current packaging is a fools mission.
cameron, Nov 18 2001

       I can. I can tie a knot in them with one hand too. Because one of the things I hate most in the world is used ones down the side of the bed. It's completely uncalledfor.
lewisgirl, Nov 18 2001

       Yeah, but can you tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue?
StarChaser, Nov 18 2001

       for you, StarChaser, I'll try.
lewisgirl, Nov 19 2001


       <I can actually do it, once in a while...>
StarChaser, Nov 19 2001

       this idea was already posted awhile ago, under the category of "condoms"... see link (yay, i figured out how to link stuff. it's not as hard as i'd thought :)
Urania, Nov 20 2001

       Other way around, actually. That was posted long after this.   

       It got considerably more croissants, though.
StarChaser, Nov 20 2001

       Yeah! This idea should send round the bailiffs to seize that other idea's croissants on the basis of prior art.
hippo, Nov 20 2001

       //this idea was already posted awhile ago... see link (yay, i figured out how to link stuff. //   

       Good eye, urania: hippo's idea WAS posted some time ago...almost 8 months before the Ziploc Condom Packaging idea. (You've got the linkin stuff wired, I think you're ready to move on to reviewing ideas, annotations and their chronology.)
iuvare, Nov 20 2001

       But can you put one on with your mouth...   

       Why not take pride in them and pin them up on the wall. That semi opaque drop thing could look rather sculptural once you had a whole lot up there.
Mouche, Apr 23 2003

       i'm sure in some foriegn country.. maybe japan that this is already being done.. but it would be very useful for people who dont want there parents to know there active..
nuttirutti, Aug 30 2003

       my parents were at it like rabbits, oh I see.
po, Aug 30 2003


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