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Acoustic Self-Monitor

Non-powered thingy to help you hear yourself
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I have been told that I can’t sing worth a darn. I dunno, I sound OK to me. That is, until I put my hand up beside my head with the fingers touching my ear and the palm near my mouth (a la Gary Owens). I then hear something a bit different.

While the aforementioned method might be effective in allowing me to hear myself better, it looks quite silly. A less obvious, non-amplified, non-electronic self-monitoring device is needed. A simple piece of transparent, shapeable tubing fit to a molded earplug might do the trick. The transparent tubing would extend from the ear plug and have it’s open end positioned near the mouth. The tubing would be bent such that it stayed close to the face in order to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Not really sure what the optimum diameter and length of the tube would be. It probably would vary depending on the particular acoustic deficiencies of an individual’s head.

half, May 08 2003


       Sound-powered telephones are Baked. Discreet they ain't, but available.   

       An alternative is to wear good quality headphones - ones that block out much of what you're singing - while recording yourself singing whatever's playing on the headphones.
phoenix, May 08 2003

       Say ahhhh <checking under half's tongue for squirreled away lithium...>
pluterday, May 08 2003

       There exists a recent "cure" for stuttering that involves a small hearing aid-like device that makes your voice sound like it's someone else's. (based on the premise that stutterers tend to not stutter when talking at the same time as another) I don't think it changes the pitch though so it might do what you're after. I'll look for a link in the morning.
lintkeeper2, May 08 2003

       Try cupping your hands behind your ears and standing in a corner (preferably in a bathroom, as they tend to have better acoustics). It's quite shocking to hear yourself as you actually sound to others.
dustmonkey, May 09 2003

       Why not wear a stage-style mic/headset?   

       Look like a star while finding out you really don't sound like one! ;)   

       Only problem is, you would have to have it powered, but you could easily have a single AAA powered box that hides on your person.   

       Cause, quite frankly, if you are worried about looking silly.. (// I put my hand up beside my head with the fingers touching my ear and the palm near my mouth (a la Gary Owens) // // it looks quite silly//) a peice of transparent tubing going from your mouth to your ear will /not/ help.
JackandJohn, May 09 2003

       Try wearing earplugs, works for me when I sing with a band. They block the sound coming from outside but your voice will still propagate to your ears through bones.
pjhamala, Jan 21 2004


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