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Acoustic anti-fog light

A warning signal for the driver that he is speeding in foggy weather
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There is a law in Germany that you may use your rear fog light only when you cannot see further than 50 meters (55 yards). And there is another law that the maximum speed limit in that case (50 meters visiblity) is 50 km/h (about 30 mph). So i have invented a device which warns the driver that he is too fast and makes the use of the rear fog light very uncomfortable: Every car gets an acoustic system (the car audio maybe used for that) which is connected to the fog lights and to the speedometer. When the fog light is on and the car runs fast at 50 km/h the system does warns the driver with a 60dB sound. The warning signal increases every 10 km/h by 10dB, e.g. a car running at 100 km/h has a sound level of 110dB inside.

A drawback of this invention is possible noise pollution of the environment, but this could be compensated with an anti-sound system outside the car.

Uute, May 21 2002

Fog Lights Off http://www.halfbake.../Fog_20Lights_20Off
[drew, May 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why not just have it sound a tone and turn off the fog light(s)?
phoenix, May 22 2002

       Isn't this a "punish all people who do X" idea/rant? It has no practical value, is dangerous, and exists only to inflict pain on drivers.
pottedstu, May 22 2002

       Similar to my Fog Lights Off, but with aural pain.
drew, May 22 2002

       I thought this was for acoustic fog lights, like SONAR.
sninctown, Feb 12 2006


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