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Car Lamp Test

Diagnostic lamp test for cars
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Simply pressing the "Lamp Diagnostic" button will light each lamp in turn, allowing the driver to walk around the car as each lamp lights in turn. Then knowing that all is well can proceed to drive.
Micky Dread, Jun 30 2003


       Or you could have a system built in to the electrics which activates a warning light if any of the lamps is not working. Like on my 1992 Vauxhall.
angel, Jul 01 2003

       Baked. As [angel] pointed out, lamp diagnostics have been available as a standard feature in many cars. My 1982 Dodge Challenger (Mitsubishi) even had a little diagram of the car to tell you which lamp it was.
Cedar Park, Jul 01 2003

       I remember watching something like this on 'tomorrows world' many years ago. You just stick a fiber-optic wire to each light lens all of which lead back to a display panel mounted on the dash. It looked naff but it didn't require extra electronic circitry to locate the fault. Oh, by the way, my 1979 Rover SD1 had a lamp failure warning light.
nick3, Jul 01 2003

       I'd vote for, if the idea turned all the lights on at once. Having them cycle doens't make any sense to me.
phoenix, Jul 01 2003

       What if the lamp failure warning lamp has burnt out? Should we employ a lamp failure warning lamp failure warning lamp? And if that is burnt out? Should we then employ a lamp failure warning lamp failure warning lamp failure warning lamp?   

ato_de, Jul 01 2003

       When you turn on the ignition all the warning lights, light up for a couple of seconds to show that they are all working...
silverstormer, Jul 01 2003

       Not necessary. If my warning lamp fails to light on switching on the ignition, I know that it's faulty. It only goes off after the brake pedal has been pressed (assuming that the brake lights are working).
angel, Jul 01 2003

       Problem: You won't find out when a 'working' lamp's *switch* doesn't work.   

       For example: Your warning lights are working well when in "Lamp Diagnostic" mode but stay dark when you press the switch...
fezadow, Sep 24 2003


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