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Tire Sprayer for Active Traction
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The '69 Camaro had an option for injectors built into the wheel wells of the car, which could be triggered by a push of a button to spray a liquid onto the tires which would boost traction on ice and snow. See link:


A tire-spray system could be integrated into the Anti-lock Braking System or the Stability Control System of a modern car. As soon as the vehicle began to lose control while driving on ice, the spray nozzles would automatically trigger to immediately spray the tires with the traction-boosting agent, hopefully saving the car and occupants from disaster. Not only could the car be saved, but perhaps even the next vehicle to encounter the same patch of black ice would also benefit from that ice patch having already been smeared with the traction-boosting agent.

The traction-boosting liquid used in the '69 Camaro was called "V75 Liquid Tire Chain", and was made by Dow Chemical. There are some tire spray products currently on the market, like "Tyre Grip", whose main constituent is Pine Resin, which apparently becomes sticky in contact with moisture. See link:


Considering how Anti-lock Braking and Stability Control have become highly desired and even required features on cars today, an effective traction enhancement system would be very attractive. Like airbags, it could in some cases perhaps mean the difference between life and death.

sanman, Feb 15 2012

here you go... http://bit.ly/yBrzbR
[Ling, Feb 16 2012]


       Transport trucks in winter areas have had for decades a grit and sand dispenser in front of their drive wheels. The drivers use it just as you suggest by remotely activating the spreader from the cab when in icy conditions.
AusCan531, Feb 15 2012

       welcome to the halfbakery!
xandram, Feb 15 2012


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