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Tire Cleats

Tire chains replacement
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No more tire chains. Just make tires that can accept easy snap-on cleats.
mhh5, Jul 08 2001


       Changing snow tyres once a season is fine if, during winter, you *only* drive on snow-covered roads.
<aside>Studded tyres are illegal in UK.</aside>
angel, Jul 08 2001

       Popular Science/Mechanics long ago had tires that had built in, retractable studs. Inflate to 40psi, they extended, deflate to 35, they retracted.   

       Have also seen snap on cleats, spring loaded things that fit around the tire and hold on by the springy arms. Can't tell you how well they work, it hasn't snowed in Tampa since 1977.
StarChaser, Jul 08 2001

       Not particularly well, in my experience. Jerry Lewis could've built a movie around the installation process.
The Military, Jul 08 2001

       When I was little, I had a toy truck called "The Beast" that had retractable claws in the tires. Maybe you could run with that idea
AfroAssault, Jul 08 2001

       Those were -neat-. I'd love to have a car like that...
StarChaser, Jul 09 2001

       Speed Racer had 'em, only his were automatic.
Reverend D, Jul 10 2001

       Baked in the movies: James Bond 007 - The Living Daylights, 1987 (except his were automatic)
Cedar Park, Jan 10 2003

       Just get some Michelin tires. They stick to anything.
goober, Jan 10 2003


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