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Actor Competition Crowd Acted Movie

Potential actors upload their scenes, viewers choose who gets the part
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The website has a movie storyboard that advances from scene to scene with background music and subtitles when you click "PLAY".

The potential actor uploads their home made shot of the scene reading the line for that scene which replaces the storyboard frame. They supply the green screen and camera. A pretty cheap investment.

Viewers vote on who did the best job for any particular scene. The person who gets the most votes "gets the part" in that when you click "PLAY" is plays the movie with their uploads. Different people upload their attempts to act the parts until all the characters are filled.

No special effects, this movie would be more like a play requiring great acting and writing to be engaging. If it gets popular enough, they all get together and film it for reals.

And yes, different people might play the same character at first because they did a scene better that somebody else so you'd get competition watching how this guy won that scene then re-doing theirs to try to win it from the other guy. People would also comment on the scene, like "I liked the way you did this, but didn't like the way you did that."

Hopefully the writing would be better than my splanation of this idea but I'm in a rush today.

doctorremulac3, Sep 13 2013

The Johnny Cash Project http://www.thejohnnycashproject.com/
Crowd sourced animation [AusCan531, Sep 13 2013]


       It'd have to be something like a period piece with a lot of makeup or costumes to be able to distinguish character continuity. But sounds like fun.
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2013

       Bring a video camera to a LARP. This is what you'll end up with, more or less.
Alterother, Sep 13 2013

       "Great. Yet another entry for Kirk's 'KHAAAANNN!' scene. Put it in the pile with the others."
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2013

       Interesting. Reminds me of the Johnny Cash Project [link] where a music video wash created through crowd sourcing. Each individual animated frame was chosen through viewer's votes.
AusCan531, Sep 13 2013

       Wow, thanks for that link Aus, very very cool.   

       I'd like to briefly share what inspired this idea. I was watching the best tv drama to ever hit the small screen, Breaking Bad, and goofing around with my iphone. After admiring the performances in a particularly well produced scene, I flipped the camera around and made a video of me acting the lines of one of the characters to see how my acting would compare to the actors on the screen. I then played it back and compared "takes". I basically learned how to play a simple character in about 4 tries. Don't be phony looking, don't be too animated, (surprisingly hard to do) radiate the emotion, mood or idea of the character clearly. The difference between the good and bad takes was stark and it was pretty interesting. The bad takes were really bad, the good ones were actually watchable and entertaining. I think I could definitely play a mobster type character.   

       Anyway, try it, it's kind of fun.
doctorremulac3, Sep 14 2013


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