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Banked body shots

More work for good actresses.
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Pity the Hollywood actress. When young and buff, only the crummiest and most exploitative roles are available. By the time she is a household word and can get loads of work, she is in her forties and getting reluctant to let it all hang out. Pity the male star, who buffs himself up with work and steroids for an action role, must play Falstaff the next year, and then - another action role? Back to the gym!

Technology can fix this. Just as John Wayne can do Pepsi ads by pasting in old footage, the Body Shot Bank allows an actress or actor to appear in certain crucial scenes with the body she had twenty, thrity, even forty years before. The BSB is a service provided to aspiring starlets (and stars!) who know that they look as good as they ever will, and want to save it away for late use. Several hours of blue screen fottage is taken in various states of undress. Later, these images can be taken from the vault and pasted in over the actresses own aging body.

bungston, Jan 03 2006

Human Body Digitization
paper on technology and economics [Cube, Feb 03 2006]

Gentle Giant Studios http://www.gentlegi.../butterflyv1210.swf
Industry Leaders in 3D body scanning [Cube, Feb 03 2006]


       Oh, [bungston]. So good and so bad an idea. My sympathies - if you are fortunate, you will merely be ignored instead of soundly beaten.
normzone, Jan 03 2006

       I like this idea. It fits in with the general ethics of Hollywood, and for that I bun thee.
Mr Phase, Jan 03 2006

       "Several hours of blue screen fottage is taken in various states of undress" - did you mean "frottage"?
hippo, Jan 03 2006

       Too bad this technology isn't available for home use, that way, my hubby would see the body I had 20 years ago instead of watching me back out of the bedroom at night.
DVineMissEva, Jan 03 2006

       [hippo], thank you very much. I was hoping someone might see that typo as a clever double ententre.
bungston, Jan 03 2006

       I wondered that, hippo!
po, Jan 03 2006

       Wow, Judi Dench's boobs look GREAT!
shapu, Jan 03 2006

       Whoa, I was confused. I thought you meant "body shots" as in "drinking tequila out of a belly button." And then I paired "banked" with "shots" and came up with some billiards associations. And I couldn't figure out how those two things went together...
drzeus, Jan 03 2006

       This is cool because it also “embodies” the potential of creating entirely new actors from the amalgamation of “sub-components” of multiple actors. And when the files leak to the world via bit-torrent, the MPAA (who would probably scam the rights somehow) can sue even more people…
norfintork, Jan 05 2006

       The technology to do this has been around for ten years and does not use blue screen techniques as you describe. I once saw techs from Gentle Giant scan Hugh Hefner's head for a doll and heard a rumor Arnold Swarzenagger has already had a 3D computer graphic contructs of his Action Star prime body stored on a hard drive somewhere.
Cube, Feb 03 2006

       yeah banked body shots that included tequila would be much better than this...Movies are crappy enough because of digital technology we hardly need yet another gimmick of the 'because we can variety' to justify filming more shite.
redsimple, Feb 04 2006


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