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Actually 'BURN' a disc

iiittts saaMOKinnnnnnn.....
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Burning an optical disc is usually boring and monotonous. The constant whirring of the drive putting you to sleep?


A new burning program (or extention) that would display, on your monitor, tiny 3D blow torches aiming at your cd drive. The drive would start to smoke until about 75%, then it would BURST into flames, crackle, snap, and pop until the disc was done. Before the disc is ejected, we hose it off to cool it down.


If you have an All-In-One - even better. It will look cool because on the current iMacs, the drive is right behind the screen in the upper righthand corner.

The older iMac G3s, eMacs, oddly mounted Mac Minis... would work too!

You move the point of flames to where your burning drive is related to your set up.

crazyrog17, Jan 27 2008

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       ... made another coaster, did we ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 27 2008


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