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CD/DVD Loader

Open your drive, drop one in.
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This would be a relatively simple device that would be inserted into a free 5 1/4 bay in your PC, 2 spaces above your CD drive. The portion going into the PC is mainly for mounting purposes, but would also act as a sleeve for a hard drive so it's not too intrusive.

The portion coming out the front of the PC would have a spindle to load 50 CDs/DVDs.

You open your CD rom drive, and press the button on the loader. The bottom blank is released and lands in the tray, ready for pit etching. The loader would be adjustable in order to center it with the tray.

If the loader was tied into the IDE channel, pressing the load button would also open and close your drive.

Giblet, Jul 22 2005

Autoloader http://store.run-pc.../tiprovpaupl51.html
For lots and lots of copies. [Aq_Bi, Jul 22 2005]


       Simple, brilliant, effective, possible. Are you sure you're on the right website? :) and [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 22 2005

       What [BH] said. Altogether too good.
moomintroll, Jul 22 2005

       I thought so to :)   

       So I wonder... who gave it a bone?   

       Or at least why?
Giblet, Jul 22 2005

       How are the discs removed once they are written? You don't expect me to use my hands, do you?
Aq_Bi, Jul 22 2005

       My brother works at a company that mass produces cds. They have devices that are basically a large computer tower filled with CD/DVD burners and three spindles of blanks on a carousel on the bottom. An automated arm picks up a blank and loads it into an empty burner then progresses to the next burner. When the first blank is burned the arm picks it up and drops it into an empty spindle on the carousel. It also has a labeling device on the top which can also be a part of the process. Its funny to watch since sometimes the arm can't pick up a blank and it keeps trying until its servo goes out and sometimes the carousel isn't aligned right so it launches out the misplaced blanks as it spins.   

       Your idea sounds like a home version of this.   

       The guys I used to share an office with had a prototype Pioneer 300 disc changer, meant for automated radio stations. It could stop a CD, replace it in the rack, get a new one, and have it playing in under 5 seconds.   

       All of these ideas are for mass producing large amounts of CD's at once, mine is just to streamline the burning process at home one disc at a time, not having to hunt one down in a case or off the spindle.
Giblet, Jul 23 2005

       I think this would be great with added software that, say, would load the required CD automatically whenever you started up a game.
Laimak, Jul 23 2005


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