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Cuttable Disc

Make em any size!
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What would be really cool is if there were a cd-rw or a dvd-rw that you could cut with a pair of sizzors so you can make them fit into dvd recorders that take the new mini dvds. That would be cool
mpco, Aug 10 2005

(??) Cut Disks http://www.wagarassoc.com/CustomCD.htm
Talk to these guys and find out what technology they use. [DrCurry, Aug 11 2005]


       You could cut the current ones but you would lose a proportional amount of the data on them.   

       Do the new mini dvds use the same method of data storage/playback as the old?
pooduck, Aug 10 2005

       Wouldn't this expose the data substrate to oxidation, etc. at the edges?
half, Aug 10 2005

       not unless u cut em rite
mpco, Aug 10 2005

       not trying to stifle your idea, but i dont get it. if you want a smaller size cd why not just buy one. blank cds dont cost very much   

       and how exactly would you cut them right?
chocolateraindrops, Aug 10 2005

       You gotta use friggin' lasers! to cut it. Just make the read/write laser able to dial up to more power and cut the disc.
discontinuuity, Aug 10 2005

       Assuming that I've properly translated "not unless u cut em rite" as "Not if you cut them properly", I'm still left believing that cutting with scissors would expose the substrate around the edge.   

       As any halfbaker would be, you're more than welcome to correct my thinking with any sort of more detailed thoughts that you'd care to share.
half, Aug 10 2005

       Yes, the problem of exposing is there but there could be a sealer which you could just rub on the sides and there would be a brand new disc. When it comes to play the movie you just recorded you can put the old scrap pieces back on and play the movie as a regular disc. Thus giving the freedom having the same storage mabye less but also being able to play them any where any time
mpco, Aug 11 2005

       I may be losing my mind but I was pretty sure that I posted to this idea.......hmmmmmmm
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       Every time I try to annotate this I start swearing at the stupidity of it. This is truly appallingly bad.   

       If a CD ever had to be reduced in size, the reducing would have to be done perfectly, not haggled with blunt scissors. A mangled disc in a high-speed drive could give someone a gut full of shrapnel.   

       If a recorded DVD was reduced in size by cutting, the movie wouldn't play right. It would not be all there. The disc would be useless.   

       This is so #@£% stupid!   

       And poorly written, badly spelled, and everything else I complain about, but ever so much more so.
baconbrain, Aug 11 2005

       \\This is so #@£% stupid!\\. I'm trying to figure out which word [baconbrain] is covering. I honestly can't think of a single five letter swear-word that would fit here.   

       [mcpo], without trying to judge, I would suggest that you lay off the use of the word "cool", never use "em" ever and actually figure out how to get something to work, rather than to just say that it would be cool if it did.   

       Also, assuming \\not unless u cut em rite\\ was directed at [bristolz], are you implying that you would only expose the substrate if you cut the CD correctly?
hidden truths, Aug 11 2005

       I like the pure bluntness of this idea, and [pooduck]'s calm response.
finrod, Aug 11 2005

       I hate it when people say this or that would be cool. I hate it so much that I checked the help file, but no, this idea narrowly avoids all MFD categories. Still, wouldn't it be cool if it didn't!
ldischler, Aug 11 2005

       What about an MFD for the appalling spelling of 'scissors'?   

       Thanks [finrod] I have decided that pointing out problems is better than burying the idea in insults, although it is decidedly less amusing.
pooduck, Aug 11 2005

       thank you [baconbrain] I said the same things and my annotation disappeared, so I am glad that I am not the only one out there that thought that. And I agree with [pooduck], MFD for horrible spelling. So that is my vote.
babyhawk, Aug 11 2005

       This guy must read as poorly as he writes. The calm and informative responses aren't making an impression.   

       The novelty disks in DrCurry's link (bravo, DC) are made with "computer controlled (CNC) machinery" not with a pair of scissors. They are pressed together and melted into one solid piece, with none of the substrate exposed. They are carefully balanced, but I wouldn't put one in a high-speed drive.   

       This isn't an idea, it's a wish, and a poorly written one. (Why do I need to keep typing that? I should just have a hotkey.)
baconbrain, Aug 11 2005

       True [bacon], we should halfbake a box you can click to annotate the phrase "this is a horrible idea" so that we don't have to type it every time. And I guess we could have a "this is a great idea" one as well, because we are not shy of good ideas around here.
babyhawk, Aug 12 2005

       No need for such buttons. Since I began filtering out certain people, I’ve been much happier. My blood pressure is down, and I’m sleeping better. You might want to try it.
ldischler, Aug 12 2005

       I don't mean to be rude [Treon] but I can't think of another way to phrase this:   

       What the hell does any of that mean?
pooduck, Aug 12 2005

       [ldischler] thanks for the tip. If I need help sleeping I just tip a little Baileys Irish Cream into my hot chocolate, and sleep like a baby. Or better, since my baby hasn't been sleeping too well. So unfortunately I have gone through all my Baileys. :(
babyhawk, Aug 12 2005

       [pooduck] is right. You can cut them with a scissors. I just lopped off a side, popped it in, worked fine. The exposed substrate did not detonate. I recommend a more symmetrical cut than what I did, as it caused some vibration in the drive when it got up to speed. Perhaps a diamond or pentagon. But my gut is still a shrapnelfree rippling sixpack.   

       So [mpco], give it a try. It would be cheaper than buying new minis.
bungston, Aug 12 2005

       Bungston, I applaud your actually trying this idea. If more people did some sort of testing before posting, I'd be a lot calmer. I heartily endorse your recommending that the posting person try this.   

       I'd keep that thing out of a high-speed drive, though. As I said, it could fail and give you a few extra ripples in your sixpack. That it did not fail on the first trial does not prove that the idea is safe. If you continue to run an off-balance disk, it will cause wear on the bearings of the drive spindle, which may fail. If a jagged edge of a cut disk catches on something, it may come apart all at once.   

       The concerns expressed about the substrate had to do with oxidation, not detonation. Again, the fact that it did not fail at once does not prove that it will last.   

       What about the information stored on the disk? How much was still readable? Did the disk capacity reduce only by the area cut off? I mean, can data only be written to a fully circular area, or does it write in sectors? How much less info can you get on a cropped disc than on a genuine mini? Did you actually try the disk in a recorder, or just in your CD drive?   

       You say it's cheaper than buying new minis. How much do they cost? How much is your time worth? How much is your equipment worth? How much would you risk to be really cool?
baconbrain, Aug 12 2005

       It did make a cool and very haggled noise, and the laptop vibrated pleasingly in my lap. Only in the drive - I did not try to write to it. I was too concerned about my abs.   

       It sounded like there was some sort of balance failsafe because when the drive started to get up to speed and stuff got wobbly, it would power down again. It may have taken a little longer to read the disc.   

       I would also like to point out that sizzors aside, [mpco] did correctly use the subjunctive "were" in the post.   

       Hmmm - it should be possible to make symmetric nonround novelty discs. I am thinking of the shurikenesque sawblade on Soundgarden's BadMotorFinger - the disc would be the shape of the blade. If symmetric, wobble should be no problem.
bungston, Aug 12 2005

       Cool! Bungston, have you looked at DrCurry's link? There is a sawblade there, and some "disks" I wouldn't try. They all appear to be balanced about their center of rotation.   

       Er, what's a subjunctive? Seriously, I don't know--I read everything except English textbooks. But, yes, I noticed that part was correct, although I assumed it was by chance.   

       Hey, I just noticed I can tell my index page to show author names by the ideas. It looks nice, and may help keep me away from the dark side.
baconbrain, Aug 12 2005

       //and the laptop vibrated pleasingly in my lap//
Next: Lap dancing laptops.
ldischler, Aug 12 2005

       //Er, what's a subjunctive// "What would a subjunctive be?", shirley.
coprocephalous, Aug 12 2005

       A subjunctive is a phrase that could easily be rewritten to one containing the phrase "if it please". Such a phrase would likely be incompressible if written correctly, or eminently compressible if written in modern English.   

       [mpco]'s idea, compressed: "If it please you to cut with a pair of scissors a cd-rw or a dvd-rw to fit into dvd recorders that take the new mini dvds, I would be pleased."  My spouse's input: "Rejection of adult child by the mother."
reensure, Aug 12 2005

       Um, where on earth did you get that information? copro manages to say what you appear to be trying to say, notwithstanding grammatical errors, much more succinctly.
DrCurry, Aug 12 2005

       It's raining, I'm bored. I made it up to suit the peculiar sentence construction of [mpco]'s Idea. I know what a subjunctive is, if it please you I'll define it; but, I was not trying to deliberate good usage. Additionally, I'm trying like the devil worries me to write more like I speak, less like I diagram sentences.
reensure, Aug 12 2005


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