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Adaptive Shocking

Education method
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Starting with lab animals, develop a method of introducing bargaining into voltage shock training. So, if the rat turns down the wrong hallway in a maze, he will immediately feel a very low level of electro-shock, that is not uncomfortable but will alert him that the game is on. Then, on his Google Glasses, some kind of exchange system will pop up visually, in which he can trade, with gaze recognition, virtual food for going back in the right direction. This will work together with time, over which the level of electric shock will slowly increase, and distance from the right path, which will increase the level of shock. I don't know, something like that. You figure it out science guys. I just think that choice and bargaining should be introduced into electro shock training.
JesusHChrist, Apr 17 2013


       I think they've tried this with college students.
whlanteigne, Apr 17 2013

       This approach has been used in the UK for some time to produce Britain's Got Talent.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2013

       So wait… The electric shock continues until the subject bargains for it to stop? The point of electric shock training is to create a deterrent that conditions the subject to avoid an unrelated object or action in the future by providing a brief corrective jolt in response to an undesired choice. Continuing to induce pain until the subject complies with your demands is nothing more than torture.
ytk, Apr 17 2013

       If we can convince mice of the misery of existence, we're on our way to bringing about the first mouse Emil Cioran, which must be worth something. All we need to do after that is to teach them to communicate with us.
calum, Apr 18 2013


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