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Adaptive watch

Adjusts to exact time from target office.
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In an ideal world, clocks would be synchronized. In the real world, Trumps run for president and prime ministers have sex with carcinogenic animal heads.

Since you can't afford to miss appointments or public transportation just because you're the only one with the proper time, this watch resyncs with the target time of your office.

In theory the watch could also update some repository of office times, which other watches could query for adaptive syncing.

4and20, Nov 01 2015

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       I though that was what the atomic clock was for. Some wall and wrist watches get updates from the atomic clock by a radio signal.
travbm, Nov 01 2015

       Well the idea can't be as anodyne as suggesting everyone syncs to the official time servers, because that is widely known to exist and very boring. So I summose instead, that each office and indeed household (ideally every room) broadcasts its own time signal online I suppose?   

       "We're meant to be at Aunty May's for tea at quarter past 3"   

       "It's OK, I just synced my watch with the online time signal from her mantle-clock and she's three minutes behind us, so we'll be there in plenty of time".
pocmloc, Nov 01 2015


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