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Always-lit, adjustable backlight on clock

The clock's backlight stays on until you turn it off, and has a brighness adjustment.
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My clock has a VERY bright back light that comes on when you touch it. It only functions for about 2 months before the batteries run out due to how bright the light is. To put that into perspective, I've had watch batteries last 4 years before they died. In the middle of the night it's the only bright light in the room for a few seconds when I touch it.

It would be nice to have it just stay on- but have a brightness dial to change the brightness of the clock or turn off the light altogether. Then you could change the brightness to your heart's content. I realize the batteries won't last long if it's lit all the time, but then neither would a clock that has a super-bright light that comes on for 10 seconds when the button is pushed or it's touched.

Dickcheney6, Sep 01 2008


       I'd be surprised if these didn't exist in some form. If not, go LED (or use that Timex EL solution). Alternately, hack the clock and put in a dimmer yourself.
phoenix, Sep 01 2008


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