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Adjustable-Face Watch

Twistable, lockable
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Hold your arms out as if you were using a computer keyboard, or a steering wheel. Now look at the place on your wrist where your watch is (or would be, if you were wearing a watch).

Notice how the watch face is not oriented at the ideal viewing angle. Suppose the face of the watch could be twisted such that it was at the ideal viewing angle, and then locked into place.

That's basically all, folks. (By-default this Idea will work better for round-face watches than for other shapes like squares, but perhaps a square-body watch could have a twistable round face).

Vernon, Dec 29 2009


       Nice. Could also be gyroscopically enhanced to be viewable from any orientation of the wrist. +   

       Also, compliments on the concise posting.
csea, Dec 29 2009


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