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AdjustiBowl Toilet

The Battle of the Bowl is Over...Both Sides Victorious in Triumph for Man & WomanKind Alike
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Bobby shut the door and walked over to the toilet.

Seeing Jenny had been last to use it, he stepped lightly on the blue button by the side of the toilet.

With a quiet whirr that spoke of exquisite design and well-oiled parts, the toilet aperture refocused to its Standing Visitor radial measurement (the maximal radial measurement could be selected by pressing the green “Drunk” button).

Bobby conducted his business in an absentminded fashion, knowing that only a minimum of care was needed to guard against sprinkling in these halcyon days.
“What must it have been like”, he wondered, “having to lift and lower the seat all the time? Thank goodness I’m living life here in 2020.”

His thoughts were interrupted by Jenny squealing outside the door.
“Hurry up Bobby! I gotta go!”
“What, again?” he asked in mild disbelief.
“It’s all this blackcurrant-flavoured milk I’m drinking at the moment – it just goes straight through!”

Bobby zipped up and considerately nudged the pink button on the floor with his foot. The toilet aperture refocused to its Seated Visitor setting. He washed his hands quickly and flung wide the door to Jenny.
“Refocused it for you honey”
“Thanks baby” They kissed briefly at each other’s passing cheeks, then Jenny shut the door and rushed to sit down.

She marvelled, as always, at the feel of the cool segmented seat beneath her thighs. Truly the AdjustiBowl Toilet had made their lives complete, or at least better, or some such.

DocBrown, Apr 29 2005


       I don't think you could possibly make the aperture large enough for some of the spray I've seen...
drzeus, Apr 29 2005

       It's a fine line between providing enough room for the kind of spray you mention and not making it big enough for the alligators to crawl up. Here at AdjustiCorp, we like to think we've got it just about right but Floridean customers may wish to keep a shotgun by the toilet roll holder, just in case.
DocBrown, Apr 29 2005

       Croissant for [DocBrown]'s anno.
disbomber, Apr 30 2005


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