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Adult Movie Glasses

Ok. Let's say you get suckered into taking your nieces to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
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And there you are... bored out of your gourd. WHEW!!! Good thing you picked up a pair of Adult Movie Glasses at the confession counter. A paltry 4 Euros!!

You put them on, and with the new digital technologies, you get to see the annotated version.

"This shot was filmed in Corsica" The screen reads.

A few seconds later, "The cameraman had to use a steadycam for this particular series."

Or perhaps, "This beautiful sunrise was in fact shot in Sardinia."

So instead of being bored, you can read all of the annotations with the new Adult Movie Glasses.

r_kreher, Aug 15 2008

Glasses Glasses
A bad title for "Closed caption Glasses" [phoenix, Aug 16 2008]

Television Subtitle Glasses Television_20Subtitle_20Glasses
[phoenix, Aug 16 2008]

Digitalis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitalis
[normzone, Aug 17 2008]


       thanks for the great links!!!! That's why I LOVE the Bakery. I thihk though, with the new emphasis on digitalis in the movies.... This concept might be taken to a much higher level than closed captioning. I'm not sure what though... Any ideas?
r_kreher, Aug 16 2008

       I somehow thought these glasses would render somewhat more... exciting... changes to the movie in question.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 16 2008

       Better title is "pop-up video" glasses or "extra features" glasses.
MisterQED, Aug 16 2008

       //with the new emphasis on digitalis in the movies// in murder mysteries?
imaginality, Aug 16 2008

       I'm giving this a + because it isn't the 3d porn idea I thought it was going to be.   

       // "pop-up video" glasses or "extra features" glasses.//   

       Well by the ghost of Pythagoras!!! Pop-up Video or Extra Features it is.   

       Quad Erat Demonstrandum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
r_kreher, Aug 17 2008

       //I somehow thought these glasses would render somewhat more... exciting... changes to the movie in question.//   

       you mean like car chases???
r_kreher, Aug 17 2008

       // Quad Erat Demonstrandum //   

       You've been shown the square thing ? We ask merely for information ....
8th of 7, Aug 17 2008

       Quod Eros Demonstrandum!
4whom, Aug 18 2008

       Not at all what I thought it was going to be. Even after the first paragraph. Especially after the 'confession counter'. I'm disappointed.   

       But a bun for the actual idea though.
Noexit, Aug 18 2008

       Perhaps we could have the best of both worlds... with the Adult Film Glasses we'd could see annotated type with fun film trivia, but we could also see through those traveling pants.
124, Aug 18 2008

       //You've been shown the square thing ? We ask merely for information ....//   

       Q.E.D. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum" (literally, "that which was to be demonstrated")   

       In deference to MisterQED, I used the more formal, although seldom used "Quad" instead of the gutteral "Quod", which I find personally offensive. I hope you don't mind.
r_kreher, Aug 18 2008

       //Quod Eros Demonstrandum!//

Close, 4whom, but surely "Quod Eris Demonstrandum" would be more appropriate for the 'bakery?
DrBob, Aug 19 2008

       Nice idea. I would love annotations of this kind: "these two actors did not engage in lewd acts after shooting this scene", etc... It would make many movies much more exciting!
django, Aug 19 2008

       I'd be happy with the Adult Movie Podcast, timed to the film. These could made for "Pride and Prejudice," or other movies where it's hard to figure out just what the hell is going on.   

       "Okay, here's the deal: A new rich guy has moved into town and this shrewish mom wants to marry one of her daughters to him. She's pretty effing insane. Two of them are kind of hot and smart and two of them are kind of hot but silly and stupid. The ones running around and fighting over the bonnet are the stupid ones. There's one who is kind of not hot and kind of not smart.   

       The rich guy is named Mr. Bingley, and the house he's moving into has a name. The name of his house is Pemberly.   

       The Dad is Mr. Bennet. His wife calls him "Mr. Bennet." He's pretending not to be interested, but he's just messing with them because he's a really sarcastic bastard. He knows he has to marry them off, because they won't inherit any of his land. More about that later ..."
nomocrow, Aug 20 2008

       It might have come in handy for the movie Momento.
r_kreher, Aug 21 2008


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