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Bigscreen Anti Piracy

Device that defaces a movie taken in a movie house by a video recorder.
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As previously mentioned, the Infra red L.E.D matrix can be used to send messages to a video camera.

Now if the Bigscreen movie houses can implement this behind their bigscreens, then the human eye cannot see the Infra red illuminations.

Only the perp that are making a pirate recording will see this and if the video are played back you will see the Infra red illuminations.

Let's see... if a type of screen can be designed that can allow light to pass through from only one direction, which is possible , then a huge high intensity I.R matrix can be employed behind the screen. There can even be I.R Transmitters that are moving around behind the screen, making unbearable lines to the viev of video camera. Moving I.R txmitters can use media such as electro magnetism to move on a shuttle like structure behinfd the screen.

This will render the movie unbearable to watch.

novaris, Mar 04 2008

[marked-for-deletion] Bad googling. http://www.google.c...racy%22+infra&meta=
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2008]


       This can be defeated by simply adding an IR filter to the lens.
marklar, Mar 04 2008

       [AbsintheWithoutLeave] marked this idea for deletion but his anno was deleted. That's a bit of a no-no [novaris].
marklar, Mar 04 2008

       No, I deleted it when I added the linky.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2008

       And when the signal intensity and I.R frequency band is falls outside the spec of the filter and ccd device?   

       This may be achieved by studying the average constraints of most ccd cameras and I.R filters.   

       I will go into it deeper, i want it to work.
novaris, Mar 04 2008

       //i want it to work// It does work and is patented.
Please Google before posting.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2008

       [AbsintheWithoutLeave] Please do not use the word "Google"...it's patented and it does work ...hehe
novaris, Mar 04 2008

       Sorry [AbsintheWithoutLeave]...I was performing bad AbsintheWithoutLeaving....
novaris, Mar 04 2008

       Wow, brilliant ideas and a great sense of humouR.
marklar, Mar 04 2008

       //This will render the movie unbearable to watch.//
I wonder if this is what happened to "Beowulf".
Amos Kito, Mar 04 2008

       No, I'm with [marklar]. I don't think the linked patent does this, and I do think that an IR filter would defeat it. Video cameras are only weakly sensitive to IR even before a filter is applied.   

       /As previously mentioned/ - as previously mentioned, without substantiation, in another of your own ideas.
david_scothern, Mar 04 2008

       Apart from IR, I think the awful sound quality using auto-gain microphones, the black renditions of dark scenes, and the regular appearances of black silhouettes walking around the bottom of the screen tends to detract from the original movie intentions. And that's if there aren't any sounds of pop-corn eating or coughing.   

       If one should need to get a pirate copy, then at least make sure it's a copy from a DVD.
Ling, Mar 04 2008

       Actually in a dark enough environment or with everything-but-IR filtering glasses, it is possible to see some IR. Take a good long stare at your TV remote transmitter sometime.
Spacecoyote, May 11 2008


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