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Adult Play Bed

For Neverending Childhood Fun
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When I was a weee lass, my bed used to be an important ingredient of many great adventures. Sometimes it was my magic carpet taking me to faraway lands, sometimes my pirate ship, often invaded by murderous pirates from another ship (i.e. my big sister from her bed across the room) who would tickle torture me and steal my prized possessions (namely my Abba bubblegum collector cards).

Nowadays, some things still haven't changed, and as I hurtled my 30 something body down the hall earlier this week, in order to better effect my usual dive bomb onto the bed from the door, I was startled to feel the bed attempt to travel across the floor. Minutes later, lying nose to carpet, contemplating the two broken bed legs, I decided what I needed was an Adult Play Bed.

Fully reinforced for the most strenuous acrobatic activities, rubber hammers for the crocs sliding spasmodically from under the bed, and snap off oars on the sides for escaping the pirates in the dark. There has to be a midnight feast pocket in there somewhere, and a plank to walk with a damsel in distress or some trussed up male on the end of it - whatever fills your sails.

Helium, Jun 13 2003

shameless self plugging http://www.halfbake...Adult_20Play_20Yard
and if the urge strikes in the middle of the day... [senatorjam, Oct 04 2004]


       Can this bed have some aesthetically pleasing way of lifting the covers so there's a bed tent n' flashlights n' stuff?
thumbwax, Jun 13 2003

       plenty of rum, my hearties. well shiver my timbers - another goodie from the queen of the pirates.   

       if this doesn't bring Afro back, then I despair.
po, Jun 13 2003

       There were crocodiles under your bed too?
squeak, Jun 13 2003

       It'll need yardarms.
oneoffdave, Jun 13 2003

       Top Quality...but it would need to come in a variety of 'flavours' as I would need one that could double as a squirrel nest
(trail scarf from back of pyjamas and go 'neep!')
gnomethang, Jun 13 2003

       Port and starboard bedside lights. Crow's nest attachments for adult bunk beds. Built in shanty palyer.
oneoffdave, Jun 13 2003

       annotation using the word "shiver."
beauxeault, Jun 13 2003

       I want one that comes with a couple of suitably pneumatic adults.
DrCurry, Jun 13 2003

       Are Kats allowed on the bed? Pretty Please - purrrr <rubs face endearingly on He's leg> purrr
The Kat, Jun 13 2003

       Heh, if you only knew.   

Helium, Jun 13 2003

       do they sit on your head - like mine H?
po, Jun 13 2003

       //...He's leg...//
He was a weee lass?
pluterday, Jun 13 2003

       He = Helium?
po, Jun 13 2003

       He is a lass? Well, I had my doubts, so I investigated. I found this anno, which I lassoed and brought her, because I think that anyone reading will have no doubt as to which way He swings. (The anno is to something bliss said, which of course is now poofed.)

He said: "Hippo lips tend to be a tad leathery - which is why I prefer the gentle, quivering lips a horse. The blowing of warm breath down the neck, the inquisitive nosing in my hair, nothing beats a full, sensual pair of horse lips. Slimey green gooblies across my shoulder really are a small price to pay."
pluterday, Jun 13 2003

       Sorry, Kat. Looks like you've got some big competition.
Worldgineer, Jun 13 2003

       that Helium is such a tease. I saw her first <g>
po, Jun 13 2003

       Of course, nowadays the toys are a little bit different...
RayfordSteele, Jun 13 2003

       //Adult Play Bed//   

       Ah yesss, I've seen one of these... with stirrups
FloridaManatee, Jun 14 2003

       Add suitably-reinforced springs and sufficient ceiling clearance that would allow the bed to be used as a makeshift trampoline.
Cedar Park, Jun 14 2003

       <Joan Rivers/>Oh, Oh, Oh, Liz is *such* a Trampolina Oh, Oh, Oh</Joan Rivers> =^..^=
thumbwax, Jun 14 2003

       This is an awesome idea... need to get me one o' these! Can I get the model with a control panel on the headboard that can used for a rocket ship or a race car or stuff? Like interchangable pieces or something?   

       Cedar - sorry, ceiling is too low inside, if ya wanna jump you'll need a helmet. But if the weather is good, we can set it up outside & you can jump all ya like, ok? You'll just have to help me bring it back in when we're done...
BayRatt, Jun 14 2003

       Have it custom made. Mine was sturdy enough to withstand your test. It won't cost much more than an off-the-shelf bed, if you do the design. I don't want to advertise her. Just surf for beds and futons and go for the smaller vendors.
kbecker, Jun 15 2003

       When I was little Snuffleupagus (from Sesame Street) used to live under my bed. If I had one of these, maybe he'd come back. (+)
madradish, Jun 15 2003

       does anyone know the way to "never Never Land"?   

       (No, not the Michael Jackson Ranch)
senatorjam, Jun 15 2003

       Dressed as Indian royalty, my litter surrounded by a brood of stark and swarthy slaves, I present a much belated bun. +
k_sra, Nov 09 2003

       Building a little fort (a la Homer Simpson) would be a laugh, however may I suggest renaming the product? 'Adult play bed' conjures up images of 'Adult' play, if you see what I mean.
Mistress Bling, Nov 09 2003

       Your story popped another funny, yet slightly off-topic, story into my head. My friend has a little pomeranian. It's definetly one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen. It's also as dumb as a stump. It used to sit on my friend's bed and with a running leap, jump off, and through his bedroom door into the hallway. Unfortunately, its aim wasn't so good. Many of the times he would do this, he'd miss the doorway altogether and go headfirst into a wall. And it did this repeatedly, not right afterwads, but like every couple days, it would jump into a wall.   

       Completely unrelated, but worth sharing.
Face, Nov 09 2003

       I need one of these, me and my Kelpie, Daisy, often end up having huge battles on the bed, and one of us falls off because its too small, and its not fair, because when Daisy falls off she just leaps straight back on and continues the battle, but when I fall off I sort of go Ow! as I hit my head on the bedside table, then because I'm dazed it gives Daisy an unfair advantage, so a huge play bed, in a bedroom where all the furniture is made of foam...
Micky Dread, Nov 09 2003

       Just thinking what a nice accessory this would make for Pirate Day...
k_sra, Feb 02 2004

       I have no choice, I must croissant this; if for no other reason than use of the words "murderous pirates."
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2004

       Me, too, but for "Abba bubblegum collector cards."
bristolz, Nov 17 2004

       //my 30 something body //

'stones' perhaps?
DrBob, Nov 17 2004

       [Throws another bun as she jumps on the bed.] +
k_sra, Nov 17 2004

       Lovely lovely idea. [+]
Pericles, Nov 17 2004

       Must have a monster-snorkel, so you can stay safely under the covers indefinitely (or at least until the sun comes up)
5th Earth, Nov 17 2004

       Nice work.   

       I'm pleased to say that my sweetheart and I have, through frenzied fun weighing in at a joint mere 325 pounds, broken three beds.   

       I know, I know, TMI, but somebody had to say it.
normzone, Aug 20 2008

       [senatorjam]: (somewhat belated...) "Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning"
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 20 2008

       the things that go through my twisted little brain...
Voice, Aug 20 2008

       neutrinos_shadow: (somewhat belated...) "Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning"   

       I was going to post that, you beat me. For those of us still looking, though, it's never too late.
Noexit, Aug 21 2008


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