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Advanced Audio Control

Control Background music &SFX and voice Seperately
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You know those poorly audio-edited movies where the bg music is so loud but you cannot hear a word any of the actors are saying. Movie makers should store voice seperate from bg noise and have controls on DVD player to control each independently. It should be fairly easy to do with the DVD medium.
misterj, Jun 05 2004


       Would be great for the hearing impaired.
kbecker, Jun 06 2004

       [BrauBeaton] - presumably it enchances voice in the same way as karaoke boxes cut voice. The idea might have the same end, but different means.   

       I suspect the closest one could get with the current dvd video standard is to have a (5.1) audio track with the voice exclusively at the fronts and the music exclusively at the rears+lfe; the user then adjusts the relative volumes of these on their amp.
Either that, or a whole bunch of audio tracks with different voice/music ratios (some DVDs already have one audio track with louder voice).
benjamin, Jun 06 2004


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