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Glowing Mic

Although it might allieviate some of our favorite oops moments...
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I propose a microphone that glows bright red when it is recording.
r_kreher, Sep 05 2008

Kyra Phillips, CNN, visits the women's restroom http://www.youtube....watch?v=dp7QhEeQF_o
Is that a zipper at about 1:07? [jutta, Sep 05 2008]

Noonan, Murphy are being honest on MSNBC http://www.youtube....watch?v=CrG8w4bb3kg
Another recent incident that might have been prevented. [jutta, Sep 05 2008]


       there could be any number of recording devices attached to a microphone, how would it know if they were recording or not, and which ones were to cause it to go red or not? perhaps simpler just to make it glow red when it's switched on...
conskeptical, Sep 05 2008

       Although a good idea, the microphone itself is not a recording device. There are already mics with lights but not for the purpose you describe so I will bun for the thought. +
xandram, Sep 05 2008


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