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Advanced Generator

Make more Energy
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With current generators we are only using one north pole and one south pole of a magnet but what if we used multiple poles:




(This would be a circular shape) ==== Wire N and S north and south

The wire would be spun round by a normal power plant (Im trying to think of an eco-friendly alternative). The multiple magnets would in theory create massive amounts on electricity.

By Martin Ballantyne age 15 Email- blahblahblahandblah@hotmail.com P.S. Bear in mind i am not an expert in this subject

computerfreak, Dec 13 2002


       Hi there, welcome to Halfbakery!
Now, as to your idea... (trying to put it nicely)... well, it wouldn't work the way you think it would. You'd be better off with more coils of wire wrapped around a powerful. single positive pole and a powerful, single negative pole. However, that's basically the way that modern generators are already structured, so the novelty of your design would be lost.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 13 2002

       How many blah's is that again? Does it fit on a business card?
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2002

       Um. Almost all modern motors and generators are in fact multipole. Not so much because it creates "massive amounts on [sic] electricity" but to more efficiently use the space, to make the torque more even, to generate (or consume) multi-phase power, etc..   

       (The fact that you're not an expert and that you're 15 means we should do... what?)
egnor, Dec 13 2002

       waugs: Heh. Multi-pole generators are pretty normal. Still, if computerfreak came up with the idea on his own, that suggests he may be able to come up with better ideas as well.   

       I independently came up with a method for parallelizing long division before discovering someone else had just patented a very similar idea.
supercat, Dec 13 2002

       I doubt five seconds with Google would have turned up your parallel long-division algorithm (tricky problem, that) the way it does the concept of a multipole generator.
egnor, Dec 13 2002

       Nice, but it's been done.
Damn, Dec 14 2002

       the best way to make and effecient easy-spin generator is with a rotor (epoxy disc) of even number of imbedded magnets, spaced evenly. around in a circle with the magnets alternating in polarities N-S so that when this rotor of magnets spins BETWEEN and array of electromagnetic generator coils on each side of the rotor, this will make AC current. The other important thing to do is to have an ODD number of coil-poations as compared to the number of permanent magnets in the rotor - that is, if you have 8 magnets in the rotor, have 7 coil positons (14 total) Also have the cores of the coils be made of low-hysteriesis amorpuos black sand or metglass (from honeywell) and have the magnets be of neobydimium...selelcted coils can also be pulsed to turn this into a motor/gnerator... this is the basis of the MULLER "free energy" gernators made up in Penticton BC see details on: www.theverylastpageoftheinternet.com   


       for instance,
konehead, Mar 26 2003


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