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Aeroelectric Calculator

Pioneering in renewable energy, I present the latest advancement that will save the planet.
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Oil prices are rocketing, and in desperate times we need to source our energy from renewable, "green" ideas. Solar powered calculators are available, but where's the dignity in that? I present to you: the aeroelectric calculator. To fuel it, blow air into the balloon at the top via the one-way valve. In the central mechanism, a miniature Francis turbine (the most efficient turbine in the world!) takes advantage of the air flow, and generates a tiny current - giving the calculator enough life to perform even the most intense calculations. For about 3 seconds. Then you need to blow more air in.
phoenix, Oct 04 2008

Hydroelectric Calculator Hydroelectric_20Calculator
The inspiration. [phoenix, Oct 04 2008]


       A Francis turbine would be virtually useless for air.
mitxela, Oct 07 2008

       /Francis turbine (the most efficient turbine in the world!)/   

       Whoa there, big fella. Show me a Francis turbine that outperforms a Kaplan in low head, high flow situations. For that matter, show me a Francis turbine that out performs a well-designed Pelton at very high heads. Horses for courses, my exclamatory friend.
Texticle, Oct 07 2008

       "A Francis turbine would be virtually useless for air."
As long as you enjoy the premise of an air-powered calculator.
phoenix, Oct 08 2008

       Man, this new calculator I bought really blows...
Canuck, Oct 08 2008

       I'm well aware of different turbines for different situations, my original choice of it was almost sarcastic. With so little power needed, efficiency is barely noticeable.   

       The point of the hydroelectric calculator is to demonstrate, on a miniature scale, a green fuel source. If you wanted this to be anything more than a silly way of powering a calculator, it should be designed like a tiny but realistically shaped wind turbine. Having that on your desk would be entertaining, or at least aesthetically pleasing compared to a balloon.
mitxela, Oct 08 2008


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