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Direct traffic with style.
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Those ugly plastic barricades used to direct traffic can usually be seen around major construction sites and emergency areas - ie. sites that need temporary modification to vehicle or pedestrian movement.

However, they are also used on a long term basis in places where traffic needs to be directed properly, but the situation may change from time to time. For example, at the Australian Parliament House, the traffic must be directed differently on sitting days, open days, and the other 364 days of the year.

These places may be open to the public (and even tourists), so instead of these abhorrent unpleasant flourescent pieces of plastic, why not use Aestheticades? Various styles are available : Thick Hedge, Honeysuckle and Jarrah, Wrought Iron and Futuristic. The slight increase in cost will be worth the pleasant visual environment created, and they will continue to function as before.

Detly, Oct 20 2003

Traffic Management - Continuous Temporary Barriers http://www.shorcosy...m.au/traffic/3.html
[Detly, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Hedge Aestheticades http://www.lahosken...tl01/mobot_maze.jpg
Aestheticades as deployed by US Highway Workers with a sense of irony and too much time on their hands. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Make 'em real pretty so they blend right in. Oh, better yet, camouflage, or invisible.
swamilad, Oct 21 2003

       I can't help but wonder if its not the plastic barricades themselves which are ugly but the inherent injustice of being directed around a construction site where little if no work appears to be happening. I recall having a number of these cones in my room as a student and thinking they were both attractive and leant me a certain haughty air of mischief.
dobtabulous, Oct 21 2003

       Barriers that look like highway workers?
phoenix, Oct 21 2003

       Keep in mind that I'm not talking about the humble traffic cone (a beautiful object in its own right), but the large plastic wall thingos. See link.   

       [swamilad] - Maybe perspex or glass? :P
[dobtabulous] - Aestheticades aren't intended for use at construction sites, as such. At my work, they have these out at the front gate, day in, day out. They need them to direct traffic, and sometimes need to modify the layout.
[phoenix] - We want people to drive *around* them.
Detly, Oct 21 2003

       ... I guess they could be plastic as well...
Detly, Oct 21 2003

       Wonderful - they've replaced the flourescent orange and white barricades with more permanent, but equally terrible, concrete ones.   

       ([jurist] - your link doth not worke)
Detly, Nov 26 2003

       ([Detly] it might worketh now. I just tweaked the security settings on my site (where jurist linked).)
lahosken, Nov 27 2003

       Cool :) That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Detly, Nov 27 2003


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