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Center divide windmill.

Windmill that rotate by the gushing wind from the passing car.
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Ever felt how your car shakes when a speedy truck passes by you in the next lane. Which got me thinking it would be a good idea to install windmill (Vertical type, not the fan type) in the center divide of a freeway. The trucks and cars will keep them busy and California gets more power.
my2cents, Jan 12 2002

And here it is. http://www.ecofrien...roduce-wind-energy/
[nomocrow, Oct 11 2007]


       Too bad all those windmills will be useless when aerodynamics improves.
ThotMouser, Apr 18 2002

       4+ votes and a thotmouser, whatever that is! we are still thinking, obviously
po, Apr 18 2002

       You're joking, right, [ThotMouser]?
bristolz, Apr 18 2002

       VG and a gold star, oh and a croissant.
IvanIdea, Apr 19 2002

       Hey, I already saw this thing in Popular Mechanics magazine about 5 yrs ago or so, it seemed a great idea then and a great idea now, why has not been baked?   

       A croissant for you!!
tonytiger, Apr 19 2002

       Great idea indeed.   

       Maybe not implemented simply because our highway construction industry does not generally draw the most innovative people into its employ?   

       And, it may be a safety issue. The force of wind you'll get from a passing truck is much much stronger when you're close. It may not have any balance point trading off acceptable safety & economy.
sophocles, Jul 22 2004

       I think the problem is the wind energy supplied, it is too pulsed. It is basically a short 60mph gust. Also if it is too close to the car, it will actually mess with the cars aerodynamics.
MisterQED, Oct 12 2007


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