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Afghanistan Trade Corridor

Because flying stuff in is inefficient
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This idea entails setting aside land in pakistan to build a long trade corridor into afghanistan. Ideally this "road" will be as straight as possible, but also include 2 lanes for trains, and perhaps multiple pipelines, for oil, water, gas whatever. Lanes for road traffic included as well, probably three each way.

Such a trade route would provide windfall for both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Overpasses for local traffic will be of course necessary.

Madai, Feb 18 2005

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       The Opium Road? Does that make this a pipe dream?
normzone, Feb 18 2005

       Probably, [norm]--with perhaps multiple pipelines.
Machiavelli, Feb 18 2005

       It looks rather bomb-able to me; all-eggs-in-one-basket infrastructure makes a tempting target.
pertinax, Jun 27 2006


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