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Bridge Destroyers

Bridges vs. rammers
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A convoy of massively scaled-up trench rammers (link) tours the country, crossing bridges. Each rammer is about twenty feet high and controlled from on top by an operator in a secure steel roll-cage. The massive load and shock from twenty huge rammers merrily bouncing about will test each bridge to far greater stress than ordinary traffic and certify it as safe for another year.

In the event of collapse, the operators will remain protected in their cages and will use scuba apparatus to survive until winched out. They may ask for danger money.

wagster, Aug 11 2007

A trench rammer or "Bigfoot" http://www.expresst...92/shopscr3103.html
Stomp! [wagster, Aug 11 2007]

Best Tiny Game Ever http://www.bridgebuilder-game.com/
Build a bridge and test it with a rather heavy train. [Giblet, Aug 13 2007]


       ...and in the event of the bridge not collapsing, one of the regular bridge inspection teams will then carry out a detailed structural survey to determine whether the abnormal loading has caused any non-obvious structural damage.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 11 2007

       All wearing white labcoats and carrying clipboards.
wagster, Aug 12 2007

       WIFRT... four small warships playing cards around an enormous folding table; but this is even sillier [+].
pertinax, Aug 12 2007

       //All wearing white labcoats and carrying clipboards.// You would rather the bridge were assessed by a local diviner? Or maybe a passing homeopathist?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2007

       Complex bridge assemblies can get out of adjustment due to stress. We need bridge chiropractors.
normzone, Aug 12 2007

       If it's getting stressed shouldn't it take a couple of weeks off work and go down to Cornwall in a caravan or something?
it's a stick, Aug 13 2007

       Build your own bridges and stress them to destruction.   

       See Link.
Giblet, Aug 13 2007


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