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Electric leash controlled puller dog
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Use it to pull you when riding your bike, to pull your suitcases at the airport, or to help you get up a steep mountain or stairway.

This small electric dog, has two or four legs which rise high and forward and then down to earth with a large traction section. (a tractor would work as well). The leash has an on off button, and a "jump" button so it can get over obstacles in your way.

An extra button makes it bark and look different ways, just for show.

A pony version exists for heavy duty and the original cat version, for just hanging around, showing off, and doing nothing important.

pashute, Jul 09 2013

a hybrid of this http://www.youtube....watch?v=3_YwOw4cgrY
and... [pashute, Jul 10 2013]

...and this http://www.opulenti...-birthday-gift.html
Note the second and third images [pashute, Jul 10 2013, last modified Jul 23 2013]

I was probably pointing to something like this https://i.pinimg.co...3fe2ccb43ddf2ef.jpg
the former link is now dead but the remarks are still important. [pashute, Aug 10 2017]


       I am profoundly disappointed that this is not 1) a leash for cats, or 2) [8th] bait.
Grogster, Jul 09 2013

       pssst...Grogster..over here.. go check out the b-o-r-g bait
not_morrison_rm, Jul 09 2013

       or 3) anything to do with a cat.
4) nowhere to put it in your suitcase after it is pulled.
5)explaining the difference between a dog and a tractor?
xandram, Jul 10 2013

       see links.
pashute, Jul 10 2013

       Wonder why the cool-ride (shown in second link) never made it to market. Was it a hoax? Did it not work. Perhaps the turns were the problems.
pashute, Jul 10 2013

       Get a Husky, or a Newfoundland.
8th of 7, Jul 18 2013

       have one. don't have the heart to have it pull me around. A robot wouldn't be a problem.
pashute, Jul 19 2013

       xandram - the dog version follows you while wagging its tail. You don't want it in your suitcase.   

       You ride the pony version into the airplane and it sits next to you in your car.   

       The cat version is the most expensive one. It does nothing in particular, and in particular will NOT pull your suitcases. It jumps into your closet, and onto your laundry pile.   

       I noticed that the less useful something is, the cheaper it is to manufacture it, the lower the maintenance cost is, you sell it at sky high prices, and take almost all the revenue for yourself.   

       If that has nothing to do with a cat, what does?
pashute, Jul 20 2013

       They tried to make a digital mule. That's more complicated. This thing exists as a toy, all that's needed is scaling up, adding a high power leash and your baked.
pashute, Jul 23 2013

       [+] garden gnomes... or miniature Ben Hur'ian slaves in harness.
FlyingToaster, Aug 11 2017

Voice, Aug 12 2017


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