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African mainland High-Way System.

- elevated 150 - 200 meters above the ground,.
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African mainland could be an application ground for elevated highway systems, riding above the sacred rain forrest would be a thrill.

The lines of the system could be incorporating electrical recharging from below.

Pillars to the line could be spaced 1 - 1,5 kilometers, like spans of modern bridges.

ELectricity supply lines could be run also internally.

sirau, Jun 01 2011

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pertinax, Jun 01 2011

       As [pert] says, this project might be a tad costly ...   

       How would one feel when whizzing overhead, having spent a lot of money on a fancy road and not the food and medicine that a lot of the continent is in need of?
Mrlemonjelly, Jun 01 2011

       Don't build this in the Rift Valley ...
8th of 7, Jun 01 2011

       Africa doesn't need more foreign aid, they need an actual economy. Building projects are a great way to improve the economy.
DIYMatt, Jun 01 2011

       Africa can't have an economy without massive social change -- and that change must come from within. Foreign entities have meddled and meddled and meddled, only making things worse.

What needs to happen is the same thing that has made petty warlords go away elsewhere in the world: One faction or king has to become sufficiently powerful to knit the other warring factions into a cohesive country with laws and stability long enough (several decades!) for the population to get used to not fighting each-other and not committing crimes.

That or a foreign conquerer with the population, resources, and will to crush all opposition for about 200 years.
Voice, Jun 01 2011

       African mainland High-Way Robbers
lurch, Jun 01 2011

       I was going to rant but I'm limiting myself to one per day. There is no idea here.
WcW, Jun 01 2011

       // Foreign entities have meddled and meddled and meddled, only making things worse. //   

       To be fair, they've only made things worse for the Africans. They've done quite well for themselves, what with the diamonds, gold, copper, platinum, ivory, coal, slaves, rhino horn and out-of-season cash crops. One out of two ain't bad.   

       // foreign conquerer //   

       Have a chat with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her ancestors did quite well out of that sort of thing, and she may be prepared to offer some consultancy (for a percentage of the gross, of course). She may even grant (sell) you a Royal Charter. After all, the Hudson's Bay Company is still turning a crust after all these centuries ...
8th of 7, Jun 01 2011

       It would be cheaper and just as thrilling to do this with small planes flying over the sacred rainforest. In fact I think such expeditions are available, although they probably do not let you shoot guns out the window so much anymore.
bungston, Jun 01 2011


       [bungs], you're wrong. You're just not talking to the correct ... er ... "aviation services provider". We're talking about the sort where you definitely don't go through a security check before boarding. But you do have to help carry the belts of ammo out to the 'plane...   

8th of 7, Jun 01 2011

       I'm not certain things were ever that 'good' in Africa to begin with. The only difference has been the introduction of gunpowder.
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2011

       machetes haven't helped much either...
WcW, Jun 01 2011

       Danish farmer's logic say's that the entire African continent was 'sold' (off) to TOYOTA, for 4x4 Landcruiser testing area,...
sirau, Jun 01 2011

       Likey [+]. Obviously such an endeavour would be more expensive than simply "keep driving the Land Rovers through and call the resulting carnage a 'highway'".
FlyingToaster, Jun 01 2011

       also fresh sweet water for homes could be supplied, built in to such a logistics structural network (LSN). The water is possibly there in the ground, wells to be drilled under pillar foundations.   

       They have concrete factories already, a friend of mine travelled 2.500 km's by car, on that land, in a tour to sell spare parts for such factories.
sirau, Jun 01 2011


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