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Age Of Man Associated Monthly Calendar Icons

If New Year's 1st is a baby and December 31st is an old man, fill in the rest of the months...
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Feb a toddler, July a middle aged guy, October a dignified elderly gentleman (None of that sad looking father time nonsense)

I'm not sure who'd adopt this concept, the same people who use art showing a baby and old man to symbolize the new year. Greeting card makers or advertisers maybe.

Each month would show this character with a shirt that clearly says "June" or whatever month it's supposed to represent. It would also need explanations for each usage. For instance, an advertisement might show a middle age man at the barbecue wearing a "July" shirt with the copy saying "2018 has hit middle age, time to start thinking about refinancing before the year gets too old."

So the outline might be something like this:

February is a 7 year old. Full of youthful exuberance and joy looking forward to the coming months and a great year.

March is a 14 year old. The teenage portion of the year. Optimistic, vibrant and prone to breaking the rules.

April is the 21 year old. Party time!

May is 28, the year is in its mature youth. Achievements are getting completed, goals are getting reached.

June is 35. Middle age, the year is starting to feel rich and rewarding.

July is 42. The hard work has led to fruitful maturity. Time to celebrate! (Again)

August is 49. Time to think about slowing down and taking it easy in the coming months. Planning to actually do some of the year's fun bucket list items.

Sept is 56. The golden years approaching. Time to appreciate the finer things in life.

Oct is 63. This is where we start cherishing time with family and loved ones. It's OK to reminisce over the ups and downs of the past months.

Nov is 70. The year is old now. But the real payoffs of all the hard work of the year are coming into focus. It's been a great year!

Dec is 77. Time to look back at a wonderful year and be thankful for all it brought.

Don't know if that's something that could catch on. Advertisers are always looking for an angle. Anthropomorphizing the year might give copywriters a template to allow a little more creativity than the standard holiday based seasonal references.

For me it would represent the idea that a year could be looked at like a life. You want to get something out of it before it's gone eh?

doctorremulac3, Nov 30 2017

Saeculum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saeculum
[Treejuice, Nov 30 2017]

Oh salad, I never knew such ecstatic joy before you. http://weknowmemes....ious-mothafucka.jpg
[doctorremulac3, Dec 01 2017]


       I guess its luckily not one of those calendars that shows part of the next year for forward planning, cos then you get a series of decomposing bodies: January; looking a bit bloated, too much partying? Feb: shit one of its eyes just fell out. March: quick bash its head in with a stick
DDRopDeadly, Nov 30 2017

       Yes cool idea, it could get more detailed too like something for every day, also I think you could market it more ways like 2 people in love, one each end of the year (symmetrical dates) and they move through the stages of courtship towards the middle of the year when BAM, baby!! and from 1st July the 'Age of Man' associated months could begin xD   

       Or it could be cool if it's biannual so when it gets to old man december, then it reverses ------ old man january down to new born december   

       Oh people born in different months - it could be like a new 'star sign' like that's their special age -- ''oh, he's an old soul'' ''oh she's young-at-heart''   

       Also I think it would be fun to extend the timescale from a year to like, 76 years or something, a recurring cycle. Like a saeculum but more literal, year 1, year of the new born, year 21, party year year 45, crisis year etc. etc.
Treejuice, Nov 30 2017

       This is sort of OK, apart from the bits from August through December. May I suggest:   

       August is 49. Shit, I'm almost 50, what happened to the last 49 years? OK, I have now got to work really, really hard to catch up.   

       September is 56. Shiiiiiit, I'm 60 in round numbers. Why didn't I listen to myself back in August?   

       October is 63. Well fuck it. Time to start smoking again, now that I stand a good chance of being dead before it has any serious effects. And all those drugs I avoided because I was afraid they'd mess up my life? Well, now's the time.   

       November is 70. Remember how you always wanted to try bungee jumping, but didn't want to risk spending the next 50 years in a wheelchair? Well... It's also time to start using some of your hard-won life skills to try your hand at armed robbery - I mean, even if it all goes wrong, how meaningful will a 40 years-to-life sentence be?   

       December is 77. Shitshitshit. I forgot to run for president back when I was 71.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 30 2017

       Yea, but won't sell a lot of products with the real reaction people have to life's turning points, most of which have people saying "SHIT! You mean I'm old now?" It's all about over the top positivity.   

       Gotta put yourself in the mindset of advertisers. You and I might decide that the best way to sell, for instance, a salad restaurant, would be to show people enjoying a salad. That's why we're not in advertising. To sell salad you show people convulsing in orgasmic delight and experience some kind of cosmic joy explosion. (See link)   

       I've actually got a theory that advertising might have a positive effect on a society's overall psychological outlook. Seeing all those people laughing at salad might bolster you with subliminal positive messages. Certainly if you see a lot of advertising, the economy of your society is probably doing pretty well so that helps too.   

       As far the salad adds, I know that deep down I think "Shit! I should probably be eating a salad and laughing! What the fuck is wrong with me?" LL.
doctorremulac3, Dec 01 2017

       I think I'm aiming for the grumpy-old-man demographic.   

       You could also do the calendar based on disease prevalence. January - You're seven years old, and close to peak risk for bacterial meningitis leaving you without the use of your limbs...... April - statistically, you are now a prime candidate for death by car accident or by violence, or both....September - You're 56, and just hitting the high on the cancer diagnosis curve. November - Welcome to the Alzheimer's High Risk group.   

       That kind of thing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2017

       Make it rhyme.   

       "July is here, death will be near."   

       Don't know how you'd tie that into selling products though.   

       Add "Death of high prices that is."   

       Got another idea. (Oh, great, please tell us.) How about a grim reaper (of high prices) as a mascot? Or even more ill advised, a Jack the Ripper psycho character "SLASHING! SLASHING! SLASHING! HIGH PRICES!" You'd get people's attention. Not sure what product that would be appropriate for though.   

       Nope, looked it up. Already been done. Price slashing ninjas apprear to be popular.
doctorremulac3, Dec 01 2017

       Treejuice, re the saeculum post. Very cool. I should probably go back and incorporate this into the idea.
doctorremulac3, Dec 01 2017

       //Not sure what product that would be appropriate for though. // Knives, maybe?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 02 2017

       Palliative care or hospice services?   

       Ahh, screw it. I'd sell those with hilarious salads too.
doctorremulac3, Dec 02 2017

       Makes me think of ‘Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, something something on a Tuesday ... la la la (I forget the middle bit )but he’s dead on Saturday, buried on Sunday.
DDRopDeadly, Dec 03 2017

       Yes, very good.   

       So as weird (dumb?) as this idea might be, the concept is out there for some reason.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2017

       //the middle bit//   

       Christened, married, took ill, worse.
pertinax, Dec 04 2017


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